How to Start Using Digital Advertising for Your Business

Aug 2020

Advertisements are seen everywhere you look in public spaces, and it’s no different when you are using your phone. Now, more than ever, your audience is organically seeing fewer of your posts because of online ads. 

Use digital advertising as a powerful targeting tool to reach more of the people who may be interested in your product or service. If budget is an issue, you might be surprised to know that digital advertising can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising.

If you decide that digital advertising is right for your business, ensure that you’re creating the right plan to run a successful ad campaign. Here are some of our recommendations:

Identify Your Audience

Before anything else, you should focus on your target audience. Most businesses make the mistake of believing that everyone is their target audience. With your net cast too wide, you may not get the results you’re hoping for. When you focus on a particular group of people interested in your products or services, you’ve hit the jackpot! Starting an ad campaign when you are not sure who you are marketing to is not a wise investment. Rather than make a generalized ad, focus on identifying your target audience.

Understand Your Goals

Once you’ve established who you are marketing to, you need to understand what your goals are. If you don’t have a clear plan from the beginning, you may run into trouble down the line with your digital advertising efforts. Ask yourself questions like: What are you trying to accomplish? What actions do you want your audience to take? Answering these questions can help you create a better ad campaign.

Keep Your Brand Consistent

When creating graphics and content for your ads, you can get as creative as you like, but remember that brand recall is important. If your ads aren’t consistent with the look and feel of other collateral about your business, you need to make a change. Each time you make a campaign, you may be tempted to change your ads completely, but being consistent can help your audience recognize you online.

Monitor Your Progress

Once you get your ads running, be sure to use an analytics tool to monitor your progress. Be sure to understand what your data means, so you can recognize the effectiveness of each ad. Knowing what your numbers mean can help you make smarter decisions in future campaigns.

Paid ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.

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