How To Improve Your Online Presence: What Las Vegas Businesses Need to Know

May 2020

Non-essential business closures continue to cause grief for small business owners who must reluctantly keep their doors closed until further notice. As of April 29th, Las Vegas businesses have received news that the closures will be extended, but a glimmer of hope shines as Governor Sisolak mentions that Nevada plans to reopen in phases when ready.

With an end to the quarantine in sight, small businesses in Las Vegas should have a plan of action to reopen.

If you aren’t sure where to start, begin with what you have now: your online presence. Having an inviting presence online is just as important as the warm welcome in your brick and mortar store.

Follow these tips to improve the online presence for your small business in Las Vegas.

Show Your Personality

Do you have a brand personality for your business? As strange as it sounds, having a personality that speaks to the theme and nature of your business can be helpful. It creates a voice that customers can identify with and shapes how they feel about your business. Most shoppers want to feel like they are connecting with a business they can get behind.

The type of brand personality you display can also bring customers who resonate with your business. Using brand personality is a great tactic for marketing campaigns, because you know what your messaging style is. You can also use this voice to your advantage when communicating with your customers. Consider what kind of personality you want to showcase to your audience.

Gain Their Loyalty

If you want to improve our online presence, one of the most effective ways is to engage with customers online. By interacting with customers, you can build a strong relationship between them and your business. Customers care about making connections and if it’s with a business they enjoy, then you have their loyalty.

An advantage small businesses have over larger businesses is they can connect with customers and take in their suggestions. If a corporate business tried to change, the process would take a long time. However, small businesses can adjust easily to meet the needs of their committed clientele. Be sure to actively respond and offer great customer service when needed.

Showcase Your Business

If you feel that you are doing all you can, but are still unsure of how to showcase your small business to its full potential, invest in a digital marketing team. Making a complete overhaul of your website and social media channels would be a great feat on your own, but seeking help from skilled specialists may be the solution for you. Digital marketing can help you gain awareness, increased lead generation, and conversions. 

If you are willing to take the next step, KWSM has a team of skilled specialists to help you create a strong digital marketing strategy and improve your online presence.


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