How To Enhance Your Facebook Content

Jul 2012

As most of the social media veterans know, your content is the utmost important thing pertaining to your business in terms of being online.  As a rule of thumb your content should be relevant, creative and engaging. The first two, relevancy and creativity, are easy to conquer, but engaging content becomes a bit trickier to master.  You might ask, how do you create engaging content?  Its quite simple.  Here are 5 suggestions to help you create the most engaging content on your Facebook page.

FirstPhotos.  Photos are extremely important to consider with engaging content on Facebook.  Even the most simplistic status will attract more people if their is a picture attached.  Why? Facebook ranks pictures higher within the news feed.  Yes there is an algorithm to what you see on your news feed.  Same for your friends, and pictures take precedent, so add them!  Even if you take a quote and place it inside a picture, your on your way to success.

Second – Fill in the Blank’s.  You remember Madlibs back in grade school, don’t you?  Those cool fill in the blank paragraphs that let you create your own story by filling in nouns, adjectives or verbs.  They were fun right?  Facebook is kind of the same way.  Allowing your audience to fill in the blank with their own suggestion, story or phrase really sparks conversation.  It can be as simple as “______ is your favorite part about the 4th of July.” It gets your audience excited and participatory.

Third – Photo captions.  Simply understanding that using photos on your Facebook page is important, but don’t leave it at that.  You are allowed so many characters to add a caption to your photo, so take advantage of it.  Write something to describe the wonderful picture you are sharing.  Better yet, combine your photo caption with a fill in the blank and your picture might go viral.

Fourth – Quotes.  Quotes are easily shareable and spark much interest within readers.  Most quotes on Facebook are inspirational and many people can and want to relate to them.  If you want to do something easy and still create engaging content then quotes are about the simplest most effective thing to put on your page.  You’re bound to get some engagement.

Fifth – Questions.  Asking questions is a no brainer.  What better way to get a response than to ask a questions (rhetorical ones don’t count).  Asking simple questions on Facebook allows your followers to gather their thoughts and express them.  Often times too many companies strictly post information or are strictly self promotional.  Asking questions and allowing your audience to answer sparks conversation and encourages participation.  Everyone feels their opinion is important and you’d be surprised at how quickly they would want to tell you, given the opportunity.

So after taking Facebook content 101, you’re ready to start attracting more followers to your Facebook page.  Keep in mind these 5 suggestions for your next post!

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