How To Build Your Email List Through Social Media

Jun 2019

As a business and a consumer alike, everyone knows how easy it is to hit the unsubscribe button. There’s a fine line between keeping your audience engaged and becoming “noise” in their inbox. This creates a challenge when collecting emails for your digital newsletter.


Aside from sharing your brand’s story, social media can be used to increase your email list.


Your followers are already invested in your brand, and social media can provide an opportunity to make them email subscribers that generate  quality leads.


Here’s how to use social media as a resource to collect emails:


Have A Link Available On All Social Channels

Whether it be your homepage or a landing page to opt-in, make sure you are providing a place for users to become subscribers on every channel. For most social media platforms, this link can be included in the bio section of your page. When followers visit your profile, the first thing they will see is a chance to sign up instantly.


Include A “Sign Up” Button On Your Facebook Business Page


Most businesses choose the “Learn More” button on their Facebook Page as their Call-To-Action. Instead, use your button to direct your audience to your newsletter opt-in destination. This allows you to capitalize on your Facebook fans.





Run A Social Media Contest

If you are an ecommerce business, social media contests are a vital piece of a successful digital marketing strategy. With contests and promotions, users are getting value from your brand by participating. Create a contest in which users can win something by sharing their email address.


Take Advantage Of Social Sharing

In your digital newsletters, provide your subscribers with social sharing buttons throughout the email. When they share pieces of content onto their channels, they are giving your brand exposure to all of their friends and followers. This will simultaneously increase your reach and provide social proof without much effort from your end.


Utilize Ad Campaigns

When running social media ad campaigns, offer insightful content to your users in exchange for an email address. Address your target audience’s biggest needs through paid posts, then offer your product, service, or educational component as their solution.


Using social media and email marketing in tandem can create a powerful online presence to produce the results you want.


According to a survey conducted by U.S. marketers by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric, email delivers over four times higher ROI (an average of 122%) than other digital channels.

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