How to Build Customer Trust Online

Dec 2015
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An important part of telling your brand’s story online is building customer trust. Creating trust among online users garners loyal fans. According to a survey by Concerto Marketing Group and Research Now, 83% of customers who trust a brand will recommend that company to others – and 82% of those customers will continue to use that trusted brand frequently. Here are some things to consider when trying to better connect with your customers as a trustworthy, credible brand.


  1. Create a Human Connection

 No matter how skilled robots become, humans crave human interaction in business. None of us like being put on hold with a recording for eons; people prefer dealing with people who can relate to them with emotions and intelligent answers.

Design your website and social media profiles to tell the story not just of your business, but also of the people using your business. Testimonials on your website or press features are a great asset in building your brand’s credibility. Make it easy to connect with your business on social media by linking your profiles to your website.

Provide contact information on your website, and, if possible, include a phone number. Customers can get frustrated searching for answers on the web, and speaking to a knowledgeable individual with an empathetic tone and helpful solution will accrue positive customer service experiences.


  1. Find your Brand’s Authentic Voice

It’s important to understand your brand’s personality, and a key ingredient is voice. What types of words or phrases, reflective of your brand’s beliefs, will be used to communicate the correct voice? Your voice is the way you write uniquely as you, communicating your expressions and thoughts. Authenticity means sounding like you and not like other brands out there in the marketplace. Make it easy for users to identify your brand.

Customers trust brands that have specific answers and share their thoughts. Share your company’s expertise on your services and/or products. To better determine your brand’s voice on social media, think of the ideal person your company would like to target. Shape your brand’s voice in a way that speaks to this target person to better connect with your customers.


  1. Stay Consistent

Reliability breeds trust. Plan a consistent regimen for social media posting, and be sure there are specific employees tasked to handle any phone calls, website contact submissions, and private messages on social media. Always check your notifications on your social media profiles, interact with your fans, and answer any questions a user posts to your page or mentions you in. Long absences online create questions in users’ mind. A brand with a present and active team displays a dedicated business, and that business is the type that customers want to trust.


  1. Be Honest 

Part of being human is making mistakes, and honesty is the best policy. When you do make a mistake in business, either online or in person, own your mistakes gracefully and offer solutions. Be personal in your communications with your customers – communicate your empathy if someone is frustrated, share your enthusiasm and appreciation when someone lauds your brand, and always share your honest opinion when asked.

Honesty also includes accuracy in the content you produce – be sure to fact-check any data you are producing or sharing. Customers appreciate and respect brands who research well, and also respect brands who aren’t too prideful to admit when they’ve made an error. If you are ever in the position of needing to issue an apology, make it professional but personal.


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