How to be a Top-Notch Pinner

Dec 2013
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Pinterest has changed the way we communicate visual information on the Web.  With more than 70 million users, it has grown to compete with other social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter. For this reason, if you haven’t considered adding it to your social media arsenal yet, you might want to start.

The most common misconception about Pinterest is that it is solely used for planning weddings or parties. This is just not true. Although Pinterest is a great way to collect creative ideas, it is one of the most successful ways to drive traffic to your Website. Any business, from interior design firm to a dental office, can benefit from website traffic. This makes client or customer aware of what you do and, often, is the first step to closing business.

Here are 4 tips to get the most out of your pinning:

1. Be Descriptive

Come up with a list of keywords to add to each description. Be sure to describe what’s in the image, but also think about why a person is searching and how your pin might be the answer. For instance, if you’re posting a wedding cake – is it for a recipe? The décor? Wedding planning? Include a small description that will entice a user to click on the image, which should lead to your website. Use thoughtful labels, price tags, and calls to action in the description to give viewers a reason to make the leap.

2. Use High Quality Images

Using professional looking pictures makes your pins stand out in a space that is very visually competitive. Because they also tend to inspire more of a connection, high quality images are more often repinned, too. Choose images in which your subject fills the frame, especially vertical shots that command a larger spot in Pinterest’s feed.

3. Link to Original Source

This means carefully including links with any image you pin, and also checking all images before repining to one of your own boards. It’s about giving credit where it’s due. It’s also about sharing reputable, useful websites with your followers. Also, when you are posting original content from your website, make sure it links to the correct page whether it’s a blog, product or your YouTube channel, Pinterest is a great way to drive website traffic.

4. Be Social

It is a social network, after all, which means you should participate in conversations. Follow relevant users, comment, like, and repin their content. You can also thank users (or return the favor) for sharing your content, too.

Businesses who follow these guidelines tend to be more successful on Pinterest. So, start pinning smart!

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