How to Add Photos to Tweets

Oct 2013

Everything on social media is better with a picture, right? Take Facebook for example—it’s been shown that posts that contain photos pull in more engagement than photos with just text. Or look at Pinterest or Instagram, whose platforms operate solely through the success of user-generated photos. With Twitter, adding photos to your tweets gives you the opportunity to add more substance to what you’re saying. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you’re restricted to 140 characters within each tweet!

Here’s how to add a photo to your tweet:
1. Click on the “Compose New Tweet”button
Adding Photos to tweets

2. Write your tweet
Adding Photos to tweets

3. Click on the add photo button
Adding Photos to tweets

4. Choose your photo

5. Press “Tweet”
Adding Photos to tweets
By using Twitter to add photos, your audience can see your photos embedded within your tweets, without having leave Twitter to an external site. Also, if people search for keywords in your tweet, your photo will show up better in search results under the “Photo” section.
And that’s it! Easy, right? Try adding more photos to your tweets, and see how much more engagement you get on Twitter.


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