Happy (Surprise) Birthday!

Feb 2011
It was my birthday this weekend.  What did my wonderful wife Katie do for me?  She threw me a surprise birthday party.  I know what you’re thinking: Was I actually surprised?  Honestly?  YES!
I think that surprises are harder and harder to pull off these days with the high use of social media, but leave it to my wife and friends to know better than to post anything on their FB pages or Twitter accounts about their plans for the evening.  I was getting ready and checking my Facebook page on my phone minutes before we left, and not one person had checked in to the restaurant that we were going to.  Everyone waited until I got there, then the flurry of smart phones, mayorship, and dukedomes began.
With a group that big, it seems like someone would have forgotten and written on my wall:  “Happy Birthday, see you tonight!”, or written on their own: “Off to a surprise party tonight!”.  But no, they kept their mouths and fingers shut, not making a peep or a tweet or an update about it.
I am proud of them, I am happy for having them there, and I am so lucky to have Katie plan such a fun night!

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