New App Blip is Addictive

Oct 2011

Last week, I told you all about how I spend my Thursdays at the app store and this new app I discovered. Ever since I found, I’ve gotten my friends turned onto it and discovered some new connections. I’ve also kept people apprised of my thoughts that extend beyond 14o characters. The response have been overwhelming and has added me to their suggested users list.

Since is a fairly new app in the app store, it’s been fun to see how it has developed. I have kept in touch with the developers and this past week they implemented a few of my changes and finally added Facebook sharing and a title tag for each blip. Users can also see who’s following them and make changes to their profile. It’s great to see an app in the beginning stages and a community working with their user base to make them happy and develop a product they’ll truly love and use. continues to support the community via their twitter account and they’re still taking suggestions for their app. I’m hoping the next release will be a web based update. I would love to track all my 30 seconds rants. Have you jumped on yet? I would love to follow along and see what you say.




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