Gary Vee, Crush It, and Social Media

Jan 2012

I just started reading the book ‘Crush It’ by Gary Vaynerchuk.  What can I say, I’m inspired already!

I was initially attracted to the book because in my spare time I like to believe that I am a wine maker (Wagner Estate’s is the retirement plan), and I have loved his wine TV show: Wine Library TV.

I knew that his book would be brash, and in your face, and make a lot of outrageous claims.  What I didn’t expect was how completely accurate he is about where things are going in the Internet, social media, business, and media in general.

One thing that has struck me so far is the idea that being an entrepreneur is easier than it has ever been.  Business is no longer run by the large corporations, and the gatekeepers in media are no longer determining who is getting famous and who isn’t.

As Google has said it in their commercials: ‘The Web is What You Make of It’.

It might as well say ‘Business is What You Make of It’.

And it’s true!

And Gary Vee is living proof, among so many others.

If you have enough ambition, hard work and can create a brand around who you are, the possibilities are endless.

How does this relate to social media?  Well, let me ask you: how do you expect to gain an audience?  How do you expect to get your business, brand, or product in front of people?  Do you have millions to spend on advertising?  Can you get a celebrity to endorse you?

Social Media can get you the attention and publicity that once was only available to companies with multi-million dollar budgets.  It is leveling the playing field, and will continue to for a long time to come.

Let me give you one tip on gaining a strong audience: tell stories.  Tell the story of your business, or the story of your customers, or stories of what your product/service/company have done in people’s lives.  We live and die by stories here at our agency.  You should too.  And I think Gary Vee agrees.  🙂





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