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Mar 2014
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Facebook announced yesterday that they are going to be making changes to Facebook Pages (Also called Fan Pages or Business Pages).  As usual, not a whole lot of information was released, but they did reveal a few of the major changes.  These changes will alter the look and functionality of the page.

One of the major changes they are making is to the apps.  Currently, they are below the cover photo with images for each app.  These were one of the ways many people customized the look and functionality of their Facebook business page.  Apps will no longer be displayed there. Many people use these apps for contests, e-newsletter signups, and to display content from other social media channels.

Another major change is to the cover photo and profile picture.  Although the cover photo will stay the same, the profile picture will move up slightly, overlapping the cover photo more.  Many of the buttons that were once directly below the cover photo will now overlay the bottom portion of it.  This means that if you have a seamless design, meaning your profile picture and cover photo make one cohesive image, that will need to be adjusted.  Additionally, if you have any text on your cover photo, it could potentially be covered up by the buttons that overlay it.


Facebook page

Facebook is also changing the way that posts are displayed.  Currently, there are two columns of posts, left and right, as you scroll down.  The new page design will show a single column on the right, with information about your page showing up on the left side.  This should make it easier to navigate and see the posts in a chronological order.

Facebook page 2

Overall, the changes will make business pages look more like personal profile pages. There will likely be additional changes, and the alterations will start rolling out this week.  We will keep you updated as we start to see them.

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