Facebook Collection Mobile Ads, Influencer Marketing Growth, Instagram Shopping | Social Media Trends

Mar 2017

Facebook is bridging the gap between mobile video and e-commerce with its latest Collection ad feature. Facebook Collection Mobile Ads, Influencer Marketing Growth, Instagram Shopping | Social Media Trends

Meanwhile, marketers are spending more on social influencers and getting huge results, and Instagram wants to fill your online shopping cart!

We know you’re busy, so leave the research to us. Here are the very latest social media trends you need to know!

Influencers Are Here To Stay

 Although still a relatively new marketing strategy, social media influencers have proven their worth as marketing budgets have increased in 2017 for 63% of marketers.

A Bloglovin study shows a growing segment of brands spending at least $5,000 on each influencer campaign.

The programs are expanding reach at a reasonable cost to connect brands with the devout fan bases that social influencers offer.

Have you had experience with success when it comes to influencer marketing? Share your thoughts with us!

“Shop Now” Feature Coming To Instagram

 After a lot of buzz, Instagram is finally ready to launch shopability features to help you buy directly off the platform.

The latest blog from the image and video sharing platform reveals that a “Shop Now” feature will soon be available to more businesses thanks to results from an initial test with over 20 large retailers such as Macy’s and Kate Spade.

The newest feature allows businesses to add a tap-to-view icon on the bottom of featured product posts, allowing users to simply press the icon to instantly see everything from product details to a direct link to the website for easy conversions.

How will you incorporate the latest feature into your digital marketing strategies?

Facebook Blurring The Lines Between Social Media and Ecommerce

 There is no doubt that social juggernaut Facebook is taking the initiative to push video more than ever before, and their latest feature is no different.

Facebook Collections, which has rolled out this week, is a mobile-centric video format that allows users to click on a video where they will be presented with a collection of up to 50 products that will ultimately direct to a retailer’s website to complete purchases.

The latest blog from the platform reveals that 75% of consumers were influenced more to complete a purchase after watching a video ad.

Are you ready to achieve the conversion results? Click here for an in-depth guide to Facebook’s video sharing option.








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