Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat's Recent Update

Jun 2016


In an afford to generate more revenue from the photo and video sharing application, Snapchat gave a major makeover to their app which users woke up to Wednesday morning. The app’s redesign comes shortly after the recent news that Snapchat’s valuation has skyrocketed to close to $20 billion.

The redesign focuses on the Discover and Live sections of the app where publishers pay to have their content highlighted. Previously, this content was published at the top of the application’s home page in small bubbles with each company’s logo. The redesign now puts an emphasis on these publisher’s stories adding photo previews and headlines.


The sleek new look is more user-friendly and visually appealing. Snapchat hopes this focus on publisher’s content will be more appealing to potential partners. Reports from Bloomberg.com that Snapchat has passed Twitter in daily users is certain to be some of the motivation behind the new redesign.

The changes don’t end there. Snapchat continues its new look with an updated Discover page. The page dedicated to publisher’s content is almost unrecognizable with its’ new online magazine feel.


Users can now add these channels to their own Snapchat feed by subscribing to each channel’s story. This integrates the publisher’s stories into the normal everyday feed along with traditional user’s content. Publishers will be forced to be consistently creating new content to stay at the top of the feed.


Like other major updates, Snapchat continues to monitor the redesign and make changes as users respond. Snapchat’s updates are an effort to continue to monetize the application and encourage more publishers to partner with the app as it continues to grow.


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