Easy Tips To Make Sure Your Blog Is Increasing Your SEO

Jun 2018
Using blogs to help improve your SEO
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When it comes to brands deciding how to present themselves to an audience, far too many spend the majority of their time worrying about social platforms as their bread and butter. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter may make up a majority of your traffic, there is a very simple way to help rocket your site up in the search engine rankings, one that many brands simply ignore.


Many brands miss an opportunity to leverage blogging.


Blogging is one of the most efficient and easy ways to raise your SEO ranking. Furthermore, blogging is a great way to give your brand a real voice and to show more of who you are, and why your audience should pay attention.


Here’s how to give your blog the attention it deserves.


Keep Your Credibility High


Anyone can write a few hundred words on what they ate for lunch, but that won’t help your rankings. You want to give your brand a voice of authority, and let them know you are a trustworthy source of information. One of the best ways to do that is to add links to trusted and credible sources. Google not only scans your page for information while ranking you, but it also pays attention to the information you are giving your audience via external links. Back up your pieces with a couple of solid links, and show Google that you are the real deal.


Never Forget The Visuals


When was the last time you saw 2000 words in one single chunk and thought it would be a fun read? A large clump of black letters on a white background is a perfect way to chase your readers away. Relevant visuals keep readers engaged and help to cut the content up into more digestible chunks.


Use Sub-Headings Effectively


Much like visuals, sub-headings are great for breaking up your text and keeping your reader following along. It also helps you organize your thoughts and prevent tangents or rambling. Most importantly, it helps Google read the key points you are making in the post.


Don’t Ignore Keywords


Before you start your blog, research relevant keywords for your topic. Google uses keywords to understand what you’re writing about, and if your blog fits a person’s search. You can research them with Google Adwords, and then make a list of the best keywords for your brand. Once you have your keywords, make sure to pepper them in throughout your blogs. It might sound tough, but chances are, you’re using them anyway. Try to use relevant keywords in your title, in the sub-headings, in the first and last paragraphs, and in the backend of the blog.


Once your blog is off and running, make sure you pay attention to how it’s converting, and if you don’t see the growth you want, find out why it’s not converting, and adjust from there. It won’t be an overnight success, but consistent blogging will bring in more traffic than you realize.

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