Don’t Neglect Mobile for Your PPC Campaigns

Apr 2018

You may be optimizing for mobile devices with SEO but are you doing the same for pay per click (PPC) campaigns? If not, you should be as mobile searches will only grow. Currently, over half of all searches are performed on a mobile device, which includes both smartphones and tablets.

Neglecting mobile optimizations on your SEM campaigns may cause you to lose customers and money. Even if you are already running a mobile-specific campaign, it is not enough to capitalize on mobile searches. As the volume of mobile searches continues to grow, the need for optimizing your mobile campaigns will only become more essential.

Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Campaign

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your PPC campaigns are mobile friendly. While this list is not all-inclusive, it is a good start to improve your exposure to mobile devices with a PPC campaign.

  • At the very least, have a mobile website or landing page that links to a mobile-specific campaign. If your landing page or website is responsive, it is already mobile friendly.
  • Have a sitelink to your location or directions page. If you do not have directions or a location, you should create one.
  • Take advantage of ad extensions to advertise sales.
  • Use call extensions so that someone searching can call to ask questions or to request a service. This feature allows people to quickly call you without having to search for your phone number on the website as it will be displayed beneath the ad.
  • Consider call only ads for mobile devices. Like with the call extension, it allows the person searching to call you quickly. The drawback to this feature is that instead of going to a landing page, a click on the ad will call you. Using this feature is excellent for law offices, doctors or service professionals.  
  • Use mobile bid modifiers to make your ads more competitive on mobile devices.
  • Use your location in ad text.
  • Use call to actions that encourage searches to call.
  • If you are an insurance agent or an office where many of your competitors have call prompts or recordings that answer the phone, let the searcher know that he or she will reach a live person when they call.
  • Don’t be afraid to target a small radius for some campaigns, especially if you are a restaurant in a large city trying to attract people looking for a place to go after the theatre or a concert.

It takes a specific focus on a mobile strategy to make it successful. For that reason, it is sometimes better to let an experienced professional help you implement a good mobile plan. Call today to set up a consultation if you want to take advantage of the extra help.

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