Digital Networking Tools for Las Vegas Business Owners

Sep 2020

Traditional networking is no longer a viable option for many Las Vegas business owners. Monthly industry meetings at Ferraro’s have been canceled and professional happy hours have been postponed. In a city where who you know matters, it can be difficult for local businesses to get their marketing efforts off the ground without creating a network of referrals. Fortunately, a digital marketing strategy can make it possible for you to continue reaching out to new professional contacts and growing your business. Here are some options to consider.


LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for networking with other Las Vegas business owners. On this channel, you can create a profile for your business as well as yourself. Start by searching for business owners in Las Vegas that may be in your industry and request to connect with them. Don’t forget to send a personalized message with your invite. Then, begin engaging with these connections through profile posts and direct messages.

Networking on LinkedIn allows you to promote your business and develop your image as an industry leader. By connecting with local individuals and within groups you can discuss similar pain points other local businesses owners are facing and create a referral network.

Facebook Groups

Many Las Vegas business owners are looking for personal connections. Facebook is another more laid back digital marketing tool that can help you build authentic relationships with the people in your city. Not only can you use Facebook groups for your business to directly connect with customers, but you can also join industry groups to develop potential referral relationships. Within these groups, members can join in the conversation and you can create relevant connections with the people that matter to the success of your business.

Many entertainment and tourism businesses are turning to these methods to provide resources for those individuals still out of work as well as keep them informed on any industry updates. As more businesses open up in Las Vegas, these groups will continue to be a major tool locals use to stay connected even at home. 

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

If you haven’t already, consider officially joining local professional networking groups like the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. Here you’ll be able to connect with business owners all across the city and in a variety of industries. All of the upcoming events are being held virtually, making it simple for members to safely attend. Your business will have the opportunity to learn about grant programs and small business resources as well as attend happy hours and professional training.

It’s difficult to accurately predict when in-person networking will be accessible. However, digital networking tools can make it possible for your business to continue building your referral network and connecting with other Las Vegas business owners.

megaphone4 out of 5 people say LinkedIn drives their business decisions.

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