5 Critical Elements to Include In Your Website Copy

May 2022

Your website copy, be it a landing page, digital advert, or general services page, is your company’s digital first impression. Seeing as first impressions are the most important, you’ll want to ensure everything is in order. From highlighting the benefits of your product or service, to crafting impactful headers, subheaders and CTAs, there’s quite a bit to consider before letting your fingers fly. 

To navigate you towards cleaner website copy that truly resonates with your audience, we’ve outlined a set of core elements to keep in mind. If you’re lacking direction in your website copy, consider these five traits of effective website copy – and contact KWSM to support your digital strategy and execution. 


Boast the Benefits

In clear wording, let your web visitors know what problem your product or service solves. If you’re selling a product that improves the daily life of your target audience, flaunt it. Benefits hook your customer, since it’s the reason people will buy your product, so it’s crucial to inform your prospects of what’s in it for them. Does your new project management software reduce workflow obstacles by X%? Is your company’s electric bicycle superior to your competitors’ in a specific way? Your website copy shouldn’t just answer these questions – it should accentuate them from the start.



Publish Truly Useful Content

Have you ever entered a query into Google search, only to click on an article that provides little to no useful information? It’s incredibly frustrating, and can reflect poorly on your company’s audience awareness. Inject your website copy with information your audience will pull genuine value from. Be detailed, but be sure to make your copy easy to navigate with obvious headers and subheaders. 



Polish Your Headers & Subheaders

Headers and subheaders are the compasses of website copy. Without them, neither you nor your audience will have any clear direction. When crafted effectively, your headers and subheaders should render your website copy easier to skim, while tempting your readers to continue scrolling through. Most importantly, they help to prevent overwhelming your readers by breaking up larger blocks of copy. It’s also important to include captions for any photos you use, for two reasons: 1. People tend to read captions as much as they do headlines, and 2. Google likes when you do this, so your search ranking will potentially benefit. 


Capture Contact Information

Sadly, most visitors to your landing page or website will probably not buy on their first visit. In light of this reality, you’ll want to continuously entice your prospects to revisit your site through a newsletter or remarketing tactics. Whether it’s for a new line of products, a flash sale of some sort, or an event they may be interested in, try to communicate it to your almost-buyers. To do this, you’ll have to include some kind of form to capture your visitors’ contact information. You may want to request different information depending on your industry, though for the most part, their names and email addresses are the priority.



Ask, Ask, Ask

At the end of the day, your website copy is meant to sell. Once you’ve laid out the benefits of your product or service, included useful content for your audience, and touched up your headers, subheaders, and contact form, asking for the sale is your final step. This is known as a Call-to-Action, or CTA, which prompts your prospects to take a specific action. A well-crafted CTA clearly states what a customer should do next, whether you want them to call for a consultation, submit their email, sign up for a subscription, or make a purchase, so be clear with your wording so that prospects have no chance to encounter confusion.


If your business is struggling to draft website copy that effectively converts and sells, contact the digital marketing experts at KWSM for assistance.



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