Confessing My Angry Birds Addiction

Sep 2011

They say the first step in getting over an addiction is admitting you have a problem.

I have a problem.

That’s right.  I am 100% through and through addicted to Angry Birds.  Yes, it’s cute, yes, it’s fun, but it should not be as addictive as it is.  The whole time I am playing, all I can think of is ‘why am I playing this stupid game?’ or ‘why can’t I put this down’.  Instead, I keep slinging those birds across my smartphone trying to hit those little green bubble things.

You know it’s bad when I consider myself so ‘skilled’ that if I don’t launch the first bird correctly, I restart immediately.  You also know it’s bad when I am SO UPSET when someone calls and interrupts me when I am working on a high score.  Sorry if that was you…

Yes, it’s that bad.

But there is hope.  There is an explanation.  And there is a way out.

Below is an info-graphic explaining some of the addiction.  Knowledge is power.   I now know what it is that makes this little game so addictive.  And you know what they say: knowing is half the battle.  The other half?  Well, probably just deleting it from my phone.  😉


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