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Sep 2013
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Are you looking to add a little personality to your LinkedIn group?  Maybe you like the discussions going on, but would like to make the group more visually appealing to new visitors to the group.

There are three places you can upload images to your LinkedIn group.  Two of the images are logos, and the third is a cover photo, similar to a Facebook cover photo, or the cover photo on a LinkedIn company page.


Where to Start

You must be an admin of the group to be able to edit the images.  As an admin, there is a “Manage” button along the top navigation bar in the group.  Click on that, then click on “Group Information” in the left sidebar.

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You will now see three places to upload images – a group logo, a small logo and a hero image.

The group logo and small show up in a lot of different places across LinkedIn.   The group logo is 100×50 and the small logo is 60×30, so make sure to pick an image that is wider than it is tall, and upload it in both of those places.  This will ensure that wherever your group name is being shown on LinkedIn, so will your logo.  Keep in mind that LinkedIn only allows you to change your logo or group name a few times, so make sure you are happy with what you choose for an image before you upload it.  This is what the image will look like once it is uploaded.


linkedin group cover photo, how to make get more linkedin group members


The other image is called a “hero” image and is a cover photo for the group.  If you don’t have an image uploaded there, it will automatically show a grey image that is a placeholder.

 linkedin group cover photo

For this image, it’s best to pick a picture that best represents your group.  For example, if it is a group about exotic cars, put an image of a Ferrari there.   We have a group called Social Media Help Desk, so we put an image of our staff since those are the people who will be answering questions.

LinkedIn is pretty particular about the size of image you upload.  The ideal dimensions are 646 X 200.  If it is smaller than this, they won’t allow you to upload it.  If it is larger, you will be able to crop the image to fit the right dimensions.

Uploading quality images can add a new dimension to your group, attracting more people to join when they visit your page.  If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below.  Also, I would love for you to like us on Facebook, where you can get even more advice on how to effectively run social media for your business.

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