Boosting MQLs with LinkedIn, SEO Optimization, and Digital Ad Campaigns

Jul 2022

mqlsAn established Branding Agency recently contracted KWSM because they needed assistance with driving more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) in order to boost sales. Additionally, their search engine optimization was in need of a boost to get in front of more potential clients through organic search.


The Problem

The client had been struggling with their volume of raw leads, sales qualified leads (SQLs), and MQLs throughout 2019 and 2020. Our primary goal was to boost the overall number of leads year-over-year by highlighting the company as a leader in branding and rebranding.


The Tactics

To increase web traffic, the volume of leads, and the ratio of raw leads to sales and marketing qualified leads, KWSM took a three-pronged approach: LinkedIn marketing, search engine optimization, and digital advertising.


LinkedIn Marketing

Our strategy began with LinkedIn ads and organic posting several times a week. The KWSM team created four LinkedIn ad campaigns for the client, including a campaign which drove downloads of an e-book on rebranding.  The e-book urged visitors to rethink their brand strategy and highlighted the company as a trusted partner in the rebranding process. This campaign generated 174 MQLs out of 187 total new leads throughout 2021. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Branding Agency was able to garner millions more impressions and significantly more clicks from organic search in 2021, made possible through onsite website optimization, an internal linking strategy, and blog optimization. 

Onsite website optimization and internal linking were improved by rewriting many of the client’s most popular blogs and revamping their linking infrastructure. By topic clustering blogs with keywords about “rebranding” and adding CTAs to download the rebranding e-book to each post, we created a more streamlined UX while guiding visitors directly to the e-book download. These services translated to more than 13.7 million impressions and 200,000 clicks from organic search, marking a 44% increase (59,000 new clicks) in 2021 versus 2020.


Digital Advertising: Google Ads & AdRoll

KWSM executed Google Ads and AdRoll campaigns to build on the rebranding e-book’s success. The most successful ad group used keywords related to “rebranding,” and pushed visitors to a landing page featuring the e-book download. KWSM also launched an AdRoll campaign to bolster the company’s brand awareness. Thanks to our Google Ads efforts, we helped the client produce 217 total leads including 65 MQLs. Our Adroll campaign generated over 485K impressions in 2021.


The Results

Our efforts resulted in 2,315 total leads in 2021 versus 643 leads the year prior, and 129 in 2019. We were able to double the number of SQLs year-over-year with 76 in 2021 and 37 in 2020. This allowed the client to more easily convert interested business owners into clients.


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