Auto DMs: Just Say No

Aug 2011

I love Twitter. It would be safe to say that it’s probably my favorite social networking tool. In 140 characters, I can share a simple thought. I have also made some powerful connections and lifelong friends. However, my biggest pet peeve with this wondrous tool are automated direct messages (auto DMs).

Many small businesses (and most individuals) set up an automated message with their contact info hoping to generate traffic to their sites. The pet peeve is the automatic marketing scam and also how most of these links are viruses. There’s nothing worse than making a connection with someone via Twitter, following them, and then getting hit with their marketing material. Most of these prompt you to like their page on Facebook, check out their website, or the latest MLM they are in. All to lure you into something or anything.

The sad reality is that almost everyone on Twitter is sick of this ploy and treat most DMs like ads found in the mailbox: trash. Your message will be deleted and you will most likely be unfollowed.  Automated DMs negate the fact that social media is meant to be social. You can’t sell something unless you get “social” and make genuine interactions. A small percentage of people click on auto DMs and those folks are new to social media but even they get tired of the scam after a while.

The bitter truth: no one likes to be sold to or scammed. It’s a turn off and ruins your creditably on the social network. Take the time and effort to develop a relationship with your connections. In time, they will buy into your services without you needing to sell to them. And remember, just say no to auto DMs.

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