Are All Videos The Same On Social Media

Mar 2019

Making the right video for the right social media channel is vital

At this point, you should know that video is taking over social media. Videos get better reach, more engagement, and are shared more. It’s easy to see the rise of video and think you can jump on the trend with your cell phone and some funny one-liners. Not all video is created equal, and it’s important to look at what your audience wants from you and what you can provide them with a video outside of simple engagement.

Each social channel varies in terms of what the audience wants. Twitter users aren’t looking for 15-minute videos, and Instagram users aren’t searching for news. In order to get the most out of your videos, keep in mind what each channel needs.



 Facebook users are primarily looking for updates. That might be live videos from a brand they love or from a friends vacation. Maybe they want to watch videos of a recent storm or the interviews from local news. Even a live video can have legs if it is providing an important update or story. Your audience is more likely to share a piece that gives an update to a story or tells a longer story than you can fit on Twitter or Instagram. Longer videos, in the 5-10 minute range, can work well on Facebook where the audience is looking for something substantial, as opposed to real-time news.



Twitter is all about the now. Timelines fill up quickly, and users are looking for real-time, breaking news, and trends. A single tweet is hard to get noticed, and has about a 5-minute shelf life, which is why you should be using compelling visuals to grab the audience’s attention. A quick 30-second to 1-minute video is a great way to grab immediate attention. Create videos that respond to current trends, or relate to something happening with your brand in the here and now. Twitter is the perfect place to play around with your audience and interact through fun videos. This is the platform to get your information across quickly and clearly without trying to encourage them to go to a landing page.



Instagram is solely a visual medium; meaning most of your audience is looking for inspiration and motivation. There is a reason fitness hashtags are so popular and effective. It’s why artists use it to help promote themselves. That means you need to make sure your Instagram videos play to that audience. The videos should be busy and energetic. They should show off what your brand is doing that’s unique or interesting. Smiles, laughter, and good humor go a long way in terms of inspiring your audience. Just make sure you keep it strong visually, just like your individual posts.   Here’s a reminder; videos can be a maximum of 1-minute. Also, don’t forget hashtags!

Just like with content, you should keep a close eye on what content your audience is responding to, and what they scroll past. Once you find the right mix of video and strong content, your channels will grow with the audience you want.


Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users.

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