Adobe’s New AI-Powered Design World

Mar 2024

New AI advancements and integrations are arriving with regularity. The Adobe Creative Suite recently jumped on this bandwagon with powerful new AI-powered design features like Firefly, Generative, Text to Template, Translate & Drawing/Painting. The goal is to help evolve our daily work as designers, developers & artists. We are breaking down some of the capabilities to help improve your marketing. 

Introducing Adobe Firefly

Firefly is Adobe’s AI Image Generation feature, which the creative community has already used to create over 3 billion images since its release. 

The upgraded Firefly Image 2 Model recently debuted, and it offers significant advances in creator control and image quality. This next-generation software focuses on providing larger model capacity and better image generation capabilities.

The Firefly Image 2 Model is faster and easier than the previous Firefly model while still retaining content creation that is safe for commercial work. Text-to-image capabilities have also been expanded. Tools like Generative Match allow users to generate new images in the same style of existing images. This tool expands on the efficiency, generating multiple images at the same time while maintaining a brand’s look and feel.

New Photo Settings have also been added for generating images. These provide more control over photo elements, similar to what you could do with a physical camera lens. Features like depth of field, motion blur, field of view and more give you extensively more control over your image generations.

Create Whatever You Want with Generative AI

Many designers will be familiar with Photoshop’s clone stamp, which will not be a thing of the past. The amazing Generative Fill feature allows you to easily insert, remove, or replace objects, people, and more in any image using just a description. This is perfect for those times when you find the perfect image minus a thing or two. The Generative Fill helps get your image to that perfect place in just a matter of steps. 

One other feature we love is the Text-to-Template generative AI feature, which makes getting started with a design easier than it’s ever been. This gives designers the ability to generate adaptive templates using only a text prompt. This tool allows us to create high-quality collateral for assets like flyers, posters or social posts in a matter of seconds.

AI-Powered Design in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has also been upgraded with new generative AI features like Text-to-Vector Graphics, Retype, and Mockup. With Illustrator’s new AI-based tool, you can quickly and easily generate a wide array of edit vector graphics, like patterns, icons, and scenes from only a text prompt. Once produced, these items are fully editable, scaleable, and built non-destructively. 

Retype is another great time-saving feature in Adobe Illustrator. With Retype, you can turn static text or text in an image/photo back into text. Similarly, Adobe Fonts identifies the font used or similar fonts you can substitute with. 

Lastly, the new Mockup feature takes your vector graphics and previews them on real-life applications like printed goods, signage, product packaging, and more.

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