A Social Media Break-Up | Social Media Help Desk Episode 47

Feb 2019

When your boss is the internet, getting a vacation approved is harder than you might think. YouTube is looking to change that. This week on the Social Media Help Desk we’re discussing YouTube’s new “vacation mode” for creators, why your audience would want to follow your company on different channels, the social media bad habits you should aim to break, and more of the week’s trending topics.


This week’s host, Katie Wagner, is starting the episode reading the top headlines from this week’s social media news – starting with YouTube’s newest update. Consistent uploading is an important part of being successful on the platform, but the company understands content creators need a break sometimes too. Our panel members Stephen Wagner and Angie Smith are sharing their thoughts on the change. We’re then discussing two more newsworthy social changes from Facebook’s newest acquisition, GrokStyle, to SnapChat’s unique way of celebrating Black History Month!


KWSM web designer Angie Smith then takes the floor discussing why your audiences would want to follow your company on multiple social media channels, and how you can change the content, you upload to be more valuable to your audience.


To end off the episode Director of Operations Stephen Wagner is shedding some light on the bad social media habits you’ll want to break if you’re looking to be more strategic and successful with online marketing.


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