5 Reasons to Have Your Business On LinkedIn

Jul 2012

As a small business, or any business for that matter, we all rush to Facebook and Twitter to start promoting on social media.  Those are great fist steps because both Facebook and Twitter are easy to set up and offer roughly 900 and 500 million users respectively.  However if you are looking for something more for your business LinkedIn might be the right place to turn.  Here are 5 tell tale signs that your small business fits in on LinkedIn.

1 – You have 1-50 employees.  LinkedIn categorized companies by many factors including company size, location, industry or keyword.  With LinkedIn’s advanced search users will be able to find your company based on these demographics.  Most businesses fit into either the 1-10 category or 11-50 category.  There are roughly 854,000 companies registered in the 11-50 section.  Its becoming a growing place to promote your business and with the impressive search features you can’t afford not be on LinkedIn.

2 – You have something to say.  Social Media is about telling stories.  We all tell stories over Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other channels but LinkedIn offers many attractive features.  You can post content into groups, personal profiles or on company profiles.  Sharing content is very simple and you can add external links that lead to your other channels and even your company website.

3 – You’re hiring.  LinkedIn started as a professional network for business and has maintained that atmosphere ever since.  The site itself is a network for job seeking professionals.  Posting job opportunities, whether they’re full time, part-time or internships is guaranteed to reach a large audience.  In addition its easy to review each candidates credentials via LinkedIn.

4 – You’re seeking advice or information. LinkedIn has a forum section built right in.  You can ask questions on LinkedIn and receive answers from users.  You can also answer questions, rate answers and see the feedback for other users.  Its much like Yahoo Answers but geared towards professionalism.

5 – You’re a non-profit organization.  Non-profits definitely have a place on LinkedIn.  As a non-profit you can either register your organization with a company page or a group or better yet, both.  Each allows the organization to further spread their message.  Groups present the opportunity for more discussion among the non-profit supporters.  The company pages allows you to display company information, job offerings and much more.  The bottom line is that non-profits definitely have a place on LinkedIn.  The site can be a very good way to spread their message and develop their presence.







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