Twitter Turns 7!

Mar 2013

Social media has many caveats.  With frequent updates and resurfacing content, social media changes rapidly.  Be sure to keep up on the most pressing and intriguing issues to help you master the art of social media.  Using social media is one thing but using it well is the key to online success.  Stay updated and stay informed with the latest social media news.


On March 21, 2006, a little-known service called “twttr” made its debut. They grow up so fast. Back in 2000, a young Jack Dorsey sketched out his vision for a more “live” version of LiveJournal — a service that provided real-time information on the go…  Twitters 7th Birthday.



So yet another bit of news from the social giant: this time it’s that they’re looking into bringing the old Twitter favorite, the hashtag, onto the site. Now, aside from the inevitable onslaught of ‘Twitter vs. Facebook’ rhetoric that will be (and is being) bandied about, this move could be a big deal for the people Facebook loves the most: the advertisers… Will Facebook Use #’s?

RobotwaveTwitter is full of weird stuff none of us ever notice because it mostly just looks like spam or nonsense. But if you look closely, as some have, you’ll find spies using Twitter to communicate with each other in code, environmental sensors broadcasting useful data, a toaster with 2,000 followers and an artificially intelligent chat-bot that debates deniers of climate change. Twitter Robots


Facebook quietly lifted almost all of its restrictions on cover images for pages, keeping in place the rule that text can only occupy 20 percent. Facebook’s New Cover Photo




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