4 Ways Your Business Can Utilize Twitter Lists

Feb 2015

There is a lot of noise on Twitter. Even if you were only following a hundred people, it would still be challenge to read every tweet that goes through your feed.

Photo Credit: @nose004
Photo Credit: @nose004


Twitter has a feature called “Lists” that enables users to organize their followers into different categories. Creating and utilizing Twitter lists is essential for your business to succeed on the channel.

Below are five ways your business can take advantage of this feature to grow your audience.

Connect With Industry Leaders

Want to keep track of what the leaders in your industry are talking about?

Building a Twitter list that compiles all of the industry leaders into one list will help you keep track of their activity.

You can use this list to build relationships with leaders in your industry by monitoring what they are talking about and engaging with their tweets when it is appropriate. Try retweeting the valuable information that they post and if they ask any questions try to be the first one to respond.

The more you interact with them on Twitter, the more likely they are to notice and follow you back.

Monitor Your Competition

Wondering what your competitors are doing on Twitter?

Stop checking accounts individually and place them on a single list. This is an excellent way to see how competition stacks up against each other.

You can also see whom they are interacting with and what they are offering to their customers. Your business can use this information to improve your own Twitter strategy and to give you a competitive advantage.

Make sure to keep this Twitter list private so your competitors won’t know that you’re monitoring them. You can set a list to private at anytime and keeping a list private means that only you will see it.

Improve Customer Relationships

If a customer is unable to reach someone for service they will often head straight to a company’s social media channels looking for a response. Many companies use Twitter as a customer service tool. They handle complaints, questions and build quality relationships with their customers through the channel.

Your business can do this too. When a customer mentions your business or your product, you can add them to a customer list on Twitter. This way you can follow their tweets and interact with them when appropriate.

Pro Tip: Add customers who frequently mention and endorse your product to a loyal customers list and reach out to them directly whenever you have a promotion or special offer.

Create Event Lists

If your business is planning an event, you can create Twitter lists of attendees and speakers. This will help people connect and engage with each other prior to the start of the event.

This list can also be used to monitor the event by seeing everyone’s tweets in one central location during the event. If anyone is having a problem or someone is dissatisfied, you will know instantly and be able to correct the problem.

Twitter is one of the post popular social channels and with over 58 million tweets sent out per day. It is essential that your business gets organized in order to take advantage of Twitter. Creating lists will help your business improve and maintain customer relationships, monitor your competition and connect with industry leaders.

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