4 Steps to Connect with the Right Audience on Social Media

Jan 2017


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Social media is a competitive arena, full of marketers trying to promote their products and services. It’s more than just getting the most amount of followers. Understanding who to target and engage with online is one of the most essential tactics to succeed in your social media marketing efforts. Once you start delivering targeted content to the right audience, you should start seeing the positive results you’re looking for.

1. Identify Your Audience.

Before you can market your brand on social media, you need to identify the people with care about the product you offer. This will eliminate the people who aren’t interested in your product, so you can focus on the ones who are. If your content does not concentrate on your ideal audience, you might loose the interest of someone who could benefit from your service/product. Before even deciding what platform to join, visualize your ideal customer. Determine their age range, gender, and the details of their lifestyle.

2. Locate Your Audience

Now that you can identify your audience, it’s time to find them on social media. Not all demographics use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re targeting men and women between the ages of 45-55, you’re better off creating a Facebook account than joining Instagram. If you have a trendy teenage audience, you definitely don’t want to look for them on LinkedIn.

3. Create Content Your Audience is Interested in

Content that resonates with your audience will spark intrigue and compel them to engage. When your audience takes the time to like, share and comment on your posts, this is an indicator that they enjoy the content. Don’t be afraid to showcase your brand personality, which will spark an emotional connection. You can use this data to create more innovative ways to grab their attention.

Content that resonates with your audience will spark intrigue and compel them to engage. Share on X

4. Always be Innovative

You’ve captured their attention with your creative content, but now you have to keep it. Remember that social media channels have unfollow buttons, and you don’t want anyone from your audience clicking on it. Experiment with different types of posts and the time of day that you upload to ensure your followers are always getting the right type of content. Initiate a discussion with a “this or that” Thursday post, or share an allegorical image to add flare to your services.

Now that you have a plan to creating your own social media strategy, it’s time to execute. Remember to think like your customer, and deliver your content accordingly.

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