31 Ideas for Your Next Blog Post

Apr 2014

light bulb, bright idea, blog ideasOne of the most important aspects of a good social media marketing plan is having quality content to push out through your channels. Often, that means creating original content that showcases your expertise, establishes thought leadership, and provides value for your fans and followers.

Writing a business blog can be a valuable tool for driving traffic to your website. When people are searching for content on a particular subject, they often Google it. If your article comes up in search results, and people click on it, they are taken directly to your website to learn more. If your posts demonstrate your knowledge of your industry, chances are your readers will quickly become prospects.

To get the optimum benefit from your blog, you need to put content out regularly. Ideally, you would blog consistently – at least once a week. But inevitably, you’re going to run out of topic ideas.

Here are a few of our favorite ‘content starter’ suggestions, to get your creative juices flowing. You could write about…

  • A unique customer you have served
  • A time when you or someone on your team saved the day for a client
  • An employee or coworker who stands out as a leader in your field
  • Someone in your industry who inspires you
  • A challenge your customers face that you help solve
  • A challenge in your industry that you have tackled in your business
  • Your biggest obstacle and how you overcame it
  • Your biggest accomplishment/ the thing you are most proud of
  • A product or service that sets your business apart (what are you known for?)
  • Something hilarious that happened on the job
  • A lesson you learned on the job
  • How your business fits into the community (do you help or support a cause?)
  • A customer success story
  • A time when you had to say no to a customer
  • A problem you discovered in your business and how you fixed it
  • A community event your company hosts or attends
  • Something you strive to do better or differently in your business
  • Something that gets you really excited about your industry
  • Something that scares you about your industry
  • Something you would like to change about your industry
  • The most embarrassing thing that has happened on the job
  • A change you made that made a difference in your company
  • How (and why) you started your company
  • How owning your business has change your life, or the lives of others
  • What you know now that you wish you’d known when you started your career
  • The three things someone in your line of work must know
  • Three questions a client should ask a professional in your field
  • What you love about your job
  • What you wish clients knew about your business/industry
  • How customers should choose a professional in your field
  • What makes your company different from competitors

The best way to start a blogging campaign is to make a list of the 20-30 FAQs you get from clients or potential clients. Then write a blog post answering each question. Use the above suggestions to fill the gaps, and create a blog that truly tells the story of your business.

Remember, a blog post doesn’t have to be long – 300-500 words will do. The most important goal is to educate, inform and add value for your readers. Give them a reason to come back week after week.

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