3 Ways to Create Engaging Content with Instagram Stories

Jun 2020

Instagram is an exciting and visual way for you to reach your audience on social media by using images and short videos. Entice your audience with creative and promotional posts about your business to show them what you have to offer. However, if that is your only tactic for content, you may find your business struggling to keep your audience’s attention.

Focus on showing off your business without being gimmicky or insincere. You can use Instagram Stories to help build a deeper connection with your audience. Keep their attention by following our best tips for creating engaging content with Instagram Stories.

Flaunt Your Personality

When you are sharing your content, don’t forget to add a little personality. If your business has a popular phrase or buzzword, use it! Get creative on Instagram Stories and use music, gifs, stickers, boomerangs, or filters to emphasize your business’ personality. Show your audience your brand’s personality and keep them engaged with Stories.

Open Up Conversation

If you want to get your audience talking, use the interactive features in the Stories sticker menu. Want to learn about what your audience prefers? Use the poll sticker and find out! You can also open up a dialog by using the question sticker. Give members of your audience validation by sharing your answers publicly to Stories. You could also test their knowledge of your business with a quiz sticker. Who doesn’t like scoring 100% on a quiz? 

Highlight Important Moments

Give your audience a peek beyond their two-dimensional screen by using Stories as a behind the scenes look into your business. Consider giving your audience a tour of your office, sharing news, or highlighting special moments. Although Stories only last 24 hours in the feed, you can save them in your Highlight reels. Keep important moments saved for your audience to view after they’ve disappeared by adding archived Stories into a new Highlight reel on your profile page.


megaphoneOne third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses.

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