3 Benefits of Using Pinterest for Your Fitness Brand

May 2020

The Pinterest community is dominated by users looking to be inspired. Health and fitness are among some of the most popular topics on the platform. Is Pinterest a part of your fitness marketing strategy? Whether you run a gym or sell workout equipment or supplements, Pinterest can be a great tool to connect with your fitness customers in a whole new way. Here are three benefits of using Pinterest for your health and fitness business.

1. Driving Traffic to Your Website

One of the most popular ways fitness brands can use Pinterest is to promote their website. You can create pins to promote your blogs, products, services, and even fitness programs. Pinterest allows businesses to run a variety of sponsored pins that allow you to sell products and include links to get customers back to your site. 

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

83% of Pinners have made purchases based on pins they’ve seen from brands. Creating pins for your products and services is the perfect way to get customers more familiar with your brand. Every pin that you post is also searchable. Including SEO-friendly keywords in the descriptions and titles of your pins will also help your content show up in more feeds and create more opportunities for new customers to discover your business.

3. Establishing Yourself as an Expert

The health and fitness industry can be crowded with a multitude of brands. Pinterest can help you get a leg up on the competition by giving you the ability to share your expertise. Do you have nutrition guides that your current clients have benefitted from? Are there case studies that support the superiority of your products? Pinterest is a great way to showcase all of this content. You can create simple infographic pins that address major topics in the health industry. Or post workout tips or demonstrations from your staff using your products. You can even share client success stories and inspire others on their fitness journeys.

The fitness industry is a large market that continues to grow larger every day. Using Pinterest for your health and fitness brand can help you break through the clutter and help your clients see why you are the best in the business. 


megaphone84% of users turn to Pinterest to discover health and fitness products.

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