2 Types of Hashtags to Use on Your Social Media Posts

Oct 2014
Photo: @gleeza
Photo: @gleeza

As social media professionals, hashtags are one of the most common subjects we get questions about. What hashtags should I use? How do I know what words can be hashtags? Can I create my own hashtag? These questions all have the same answer: You can hashtag whatever you want! The beauty of it is you can make any word or groups of words into a hashtag.

Now, when you’re using social media strategically for your business, it’s important you know which type of hashtags will expose your post to the best audience. There are certain types of hashtags that you can try with certain types of posts.

Location Hashtags

When you post a photo, consider using a hashtag to share the location. Using your location as a hashtag can help expose your post to people searching for photos of that location or people who are sharing photos of the same location. For example, if you take a business trip to Northern California and post a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can hashtag that photo #sanfrancisco or #goldengatebridge and your post will be seen more people. It’s a great way to connect with potential followers that may not be in your daily feed. You can do this with any city or location.

Event Hashtags

Whether you’re attending an event or hosting one, using a hashtag to group the posts from this event is key to a company’s social media campaign. Be sure you know what the correct hashtag for your event is and use it when posting photos of this event. Make sure to engage with other attendees who are using the hashtag as well. For instance, New York Fashion Week uses #NYFW to identify posts about this multi-day event. And if someone wanted to look up all the different tweets or Instagram posts that included #NYFW, they could see what was going on at Fashion Week. The hashtag is a way to get attendees to engage with the event, and to engage with each other.

Of course, there are many other hashtags you can use for every social media post you create. However, these two types will help you get more engagement. Hashtags can be a powerful component in your posts – try it!

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