Why Facebook is Good for Business

Jan 2013
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Everyday, I am on Facebook for no less than 8-9 hours.  It is always on.  Along with Twitter and LinkedIn, it is one of my top three favorite social media sites.  Facebook is the first thing I open when I sit at my computer.  It is also the last thing I close.

The problem is, Facebook is SO integrated into my life that I can’t stop being on it.  Heck, I have good friends that the only way I know how to contact them is through Facebook!  That is how much I rely on it.

That is also why it is such a great place to have your business.

Let’s just imagine for a moment.  Feel free to close your eyes – well don’t ACTUALLY close them – but it’s one of those types of exercises.

Let’s imagine a place, a very large place, and this place is so popular that almost all of your customers go there.  They don’t just go there once in their life, or even once a year.  They go there almost EVERY DAY!  Now, imagine that you can set up a booth for your business there, for free.

Would you like to do that?  Would you like to set up a booth in a place where people go every day and where people can find your business, read about what you are all about and talk to you? Do you think that would be beneficial?

Yes, those were rhetorical questions.  Because OF COURSE you would!

That place you just imagined is Facebook.  Your booth is your Facebook fan page.  The people you imagined?  Those are real.  And they are waiting to see you there…

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