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Oct 2013
LinkedIn Analytics, LinkedIn Company Pages
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If you have a LinkedIn company page, it’s important to track how things are going.  Fortunately, LinkedIn has analytics built right into the site that allows you to track things like followers, engagement and reach.  Utilizing this tool will allow you to see what is working and attract new followers.


Where Are They? 

The first step is finding them.  As shown in the screenshot below, simply click on the word ‘Analytics’ on the menu bar of your company page.  This will take you to the analytics screen.  Analytics are only available to admins of the page.

LinkedIn Company Page, LInkedIn Analytics


This is the largest section of analytics and allows you to see how each individual post is performing.  This is important to evaluate to see which posts are getting interaction and which aren’t.  It also shows the number of clicks a post gets.  This is also a great bit of information, because there are typically more people who will click on a post than will interact.  If you let your mouse hover over each of the words, like ‘impressions’, it will give you a definition of what exactly they are reporting. Be sure to look at each of those so you understand what the numbers you are looking at means.

 LInkedIn Analytics Posts

Reach and Engagement

Before you look at these graphs, notice on the right where it says ‘Date Range:’.  It automatically gives you the last 15 days.  If you are like us, we measure things on a monthly basis.  If you want to see analytics for other date ranges, simply click the drop down and select the choice you want.

LinkedIn Company Pages, LinkedIn Analytics

These graphs show Reach and Engagement on a daily basis over the time period selected.  This will allow you to see trends in when your posts are most seen or most popular.  For example, they might be seen by the most people on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,  and Sunday’s are the least.



This section shows how many total followers you have and the demographics of the followers you have.  It also shows a graph of your follower base growth.  If you look at your demographics, it shows the seniority of your followers by default.  For example, 28% of our followers have a ‘senior’ level job.  You can change this to also see Industry, Company Size, Function and Employee.  Of these 5 options, I find Seniority and Industry the most useful, but it’s good to look at the others as well.

 LinkedIn Analytics, LinkedIn Company Page Analytics

If you have a LinkedIn company page, I highly recommend looking at your analytics on a regular basis.  If you don’t have a company page, I highly recommend setting one up.  It is a great way to expose your connections to your business and expand your reach through the connections of your employees.  Here are some tips for branding your LinkedIn company page.

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