The Verified Badge: Getting the Stamp of Approval on Facebook And Instagram

Have you noticed those little tick marks next to some Facebook and Instagram profiles? Well, they’re more than just checks, they’re stamps of authenticity and a way to help validate your business. A checkmark means a person or business has been verified, which differentiates those accounts from others that haven’t undergone the process. It’s essentially […]

KWSM Atlanta Volunteers with Open Hand

There is always a sense of togetherness and goodwill that seems to come with helping those in need, but it becomes all the more special during the holidays. On the morning of December 23rd, the KWSM Atlanta team stepped aside from our work to volunteer at Open Hand — an organization that prepares, packs, and […]

3 Ways to Avoid Using Third Party Services to Post Your Social Media Content

At KWSM, we typically suggest that you do your best to stay away from posting your social content through automation and third-party services.  While it may be convenient, it could be doing you a disservice in the long run. It’s better to be live and active on your social media, and a platform such as […]

2019’s Top Twitter Trends

Whether there is an earthquake in California or Instagram has crashed (again), everyone immediately turns to Twitter to share their thoughts. This social media platform has become the go-to spot to find original memes and to talk about the world’s biggest news.    Conversation is Twitter’s superpower. In a recent shareholder letter, they said that […]

KWSM Helps Coerver Coaches get the Social Media Soccer Ball Rolling

This month, President of KWSM Katie Wagner and some of our KWSM team members visited Vanguard University for The National Conference for Coerver Coaching. Coerver Coaching is the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method, with over one million players, parents, and coaches in 47 countries over the last 35 years. These coaches came from […]

Will Blogs Still Be Relevant in 2020?

With the new year around the corner, many businesses are updating their strategies to engage with their audience. One of the most common questions we’ve heard is “are blogs still worth the effort?” Consider the following reasons to keep blogging in 2020.   Increase Your SEO Even if your audience only reads a portion of […]

Best Practices For Email Marketing In 2020

Every email your business sends out is meant to be opened. Just like social media, email marketing tactics that worked a few years ago may not be as successful now.  The ever-evolving landscape of the digital world does not wait for anyone. As we head into a new decade, it’s important to stay relevant with […]

A Holiday Tale: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

How many digital marketers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None — they’ve automated it. How many digital marketers does it take to cook Gnocchi and Eggplant? — That would be 13. The KWSM team took a break from the digital world on Friday to try something that not all of us are […]

Digital Marketing in a New Decade

We’re on the cusp of a new decade, and what better time to rethink your online marketing strategy than heading into a new year. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, our host Jeff Soto sits down with guests Alexandra Hall and Tiffany Lundberg discussing the importance of having a comprehensive social media strategy, […]

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