Facebook Tests CTA Stickers in Stories
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2019 is officially here, and social media companies just keep on changing their apps with new and exciting features! Facebook just started testing call-to-action (CTA) Stickers that businesses can add to their Stories. Instagram did a quick U-turn after launching … Read More

Instagram Launches Voice Messaging

What’s old is new again.  Talking made way for texting and now one social media platform is going retro. Instagram is launching its own version of voice messaging. Meanwhile, Facebook tells its audience that sharing is caring, while Snapchat creates … Read More

Twitter Goes One Handed and Snapchat Gets on Desktop

Twitter Makes a Change (And You’re Going to Like It!) Instagram steals another function from Facebook, Snapchat settles in unchartered territory, and Twitter tweaks things in a good way.  These are some of the social media stories making news this … Read More

Twitter Faces Password Problems and LinkedIn Looks to Deliver More Leads to Your Team

  LinkedIn wants to give you better leads for cheap; meanwhile, Instagram is enhancing your shopping experience.  But the big news this week in social media is the warning Twitter sent to its users.  These are the top social media … Read More

Will Twitter Moments Video Feature Mimic Snapchat?

Since becoming a wildly popular and mainstream social platform, Snapchat has found itself mimicked by other social media titans, including Instagram and Facebook. But in the case of competitors trying to edge each other out, is imitation the most sincere … Read More

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