QuintEssential Senior Web Designer Celebrates 5 Years at KWSM

Our Senior Web Designer, Angie Smith, just celebrated her 5-Year Workiversary at KWSM!   Angie started with our team as a Website Designer and was promoted to Senior Website Designer two years ago. During her time on the team, she has taken two maternity leaves to welcome her beautiful daughters and we love to see […]

Effective Pinterest Strategies for 2021

Effective Pinterest Strategies for 2021

Like many social media platforms, Pinterest is constantly adding new features to improve its user experience. It is important to keep up with these ever-evolving trends so that your business and your social media strategy can adapt accordingly.  Pinterest is now shifting gears to focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to its […]

4 Alternatives to Facebook Ads 

Facebook has and always will be one of the social media giants. It collects a variety of data, allows friends & family to share posts, gives brands a space to run promotional pages, and of course, allows advertisers to reach their target audience in a highly targeted way. However, if you feel that now is […]

How to Write an Effective Social Media Caption

A huge part of social media is the creative aspect, and when we think of “creative” we default to thinking about videos and photos. While these elements are important and should illustrate your product, service, or whatever else your brand is talking about on social media, the caption for these posts is a crucial part […]

4 Tactics to Win Your Pinterest Marketing


With so many major social media platforms out there, Pinterest may not be at the top of your list when it comes to focusing your marketing energy. But for many brands (both products and services), Pinterest can be a gold mine of engaged, purchase-ready consumers. If you’re ready to start pinning your way to success, […]

How Las Vegas Brands Can Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest has more than 320 million active users each month and can significantly help expand the local reach of your brand. Consumers use Pinterest to plan their next adventure, be inspired by recipes or plan remodels of their homes. What’s even more powerful about the platform is the ability for Las Vegas brands to influence […]

Why Beauty Brands Should Use Pinterest

collage of photos attached on a board

Beauty brands reach a majority of their audience through social media. With different platforms to showcase products, there’s certainly an opportunity to get reach and engagement. But is there a platform that stands above the rest? Instagram may come to mind for beauty brands, but Pinterest is one of the best platforms to share your […]

How to Run an Ad on Pinterest

Pin It words, How to run an ad on Pinterest

Advertising on Pinterest works well for many brands. The platform itself is built on inspiration. Giving users the option to purchase what they see is a no brainer. A large portion of pinners even say content from brands is more useful than other types of content on the platform. Thinking about running Pinterest ads but […]

What is Pinterest Academy?

Pinterest Academy

Pinterest is one of the largest growing social media channels today. With 335 million users as of December 2019, Pinterest has become an ideal tool for many companies to sell their products and share their brand’s story. However, many companies struggle with creating a strategy that works on this platform. Thanks to the experts at […]

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