How To: SEO for Pinterest

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram normally come to mind when people think of social media marketing, but what about Pinterest? Despite what you might think, Pinterest is pulling in over 250 million users monthly, so it’s certainly a platform worth looking … Read More

Introducing the Pinterest Carousel Ad

Pinterest is a visual pinboard that showcases a lot of things from products to inspirational posts!  It is popular with fashionistas, workout buffs, people who love food, and of course, those looking for a little positivity in their lives.   … Read More

Twitter Faces Password Problems and LinkedIn Looks to Deliver More Leads to Your Team

  LinkedIn wants to give you better leads for cheap; meanwhile, Instagram is enhancing your shopping experience.  But the big news this week in social media is the warning Twitter sent to its users.  These are the top social media … Read More

How to Format Photos for Social Media

You’ve found the perfect photo to share on social media. But you upload it, and suddenly your masterpiece becomes a botched close-up of someone’s forehead. Or conversely, your Ansel Adams-esque landscape shot looks grainier than a sack of rice. So … Read More

The Best Type of Pinterest Ad for Holiday E-Commerce Sales

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to get your items in front of shoppers! After deciding that Pinterest ads are right for your business, you need to ask yourself: which type of Pinterest ad do I … Read More

How To Get More Engagement On Pinterest

So you’ve got your Pinterest profile completed and you’re pinning content left and right, but you’re not receiving any engagement. To expand your reach and get your content seen by more people, your pins need to be liked, pinned, and shared. … Read More

How to Avoid Using Restricted Images in Your Blogs

It’s easy to play fast and loose with the images you use on your blog or website.  There are countless websites out there, what are the odds of a stock image site catching you use their images? Unfortunately, they’re pretty … Read More

4 Lesser-Known Rules You’re Breaking on Pinterest
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Has your company been using Pinterest to its full potential? While most of us know to post attractive images and write interesting captions, there are a few details that, if overlooked, can prevent people from seeing your content. Here are … Read More

How to Get More Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is a great way to engage users and drive traffic back to your website. Having a lot of Pinterest followers is beneficial because your followers can help to repin your content and increase your visibility and refer traffic back … Read More

3 Social Media Tips for Tattoo Shops

Tattoo shops are visually driven organizations. So it would be a shame if they weren’t using social media to promote their business. Let’s talk about three social media channels and how tattoo artists can use them to reach their target … Read More

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