4 Alternatives to Facebook Ads 

Facebook has and always will be one of the social media giants. It collects a variety of data, allows friends & family to share posts, gives brands a space to run promotional pages, and of course, allows advertisers to reach their target audience in a highly targeted way. However, if you feel that now is […]

How to Write an Effective Social Media Caption

A huge part of social media is the creative aspect, and when we think of “creative” we default to thinking about videos and photos. While these elements are important and should illustrate your product, service, or whatever else your brand is talking about on social media, the caption for these posts is a crucial part […]

3 Tips for Success in the Ever-Changing Social Landscape

3 Tips for Success in the Ever-Changing Social Landscape

In digital marketing, having a pulse on what’s new and next is imperative to keep a leg up on the competition.    This year, almost every social media channel has undergone some sort of scrutiny – Twitter for allegations of censorship, TikTok for privacy, Facebook for unjust advertising standards – the list goes on. So, […]

5 LinkedIn Ads Audience Targeting Tips for San Diego Businesses

Placing carefully curated advertisements in front of a qualified audience is one of the best ways for San Diego businesses to drive conversions. With digital advertising, businesses have the opportunity to do this online, spending marketing dollars to show their messaging only to an audience they have prequalified by applying various targeting parameters and filters. […]

How to Effectively Manage Reviews for Your Law Firm

We have heard time and time again that referrals are often the best source of leads for law firms. But now that everything has moved online, people are starting to trust comments and reviews as much as they would face-to-face recommendations.  Gathering and managing these reviews can seem overwhelming, but by constantly soliciting reviews and […]

Why Networking on LinkedIn is More Important Now Than Ever

Why Networking on LinkedIn is More Important Now Than Ever

Linkedin has always proven to be an effective professional networking tool. Now, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming an increasingly necessary part of business. As many companies continue to conduct business remotely, opportunities for networking have greatly diminished, leading to more professionals finding themselves looking to network online. Shifting to Digital Networking When LinkedIn […]

How to Establish a LinkedIn Network as a Lawyer

LinkedIn has over 706 million users who are ready to network and create professional connections. While you may not meet with all of your digital connections in person, you need to continue to network with people who can help promote your firm.  In addition to creating a complete and professional profile for your firm, you […]

How to Network and Generate Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has seen a 55% year-over-year increase in conversations worldwide since March 2019. The professional networking platform allows people to connect with coworkers and other professionals and has seen a rise in comments, posts and content creation in the last year. Your business now has the opportunity to reach a growing audience on LinkedIn, with […]

Exploring LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is a social media channel that’s known as the world’s largest professional network. Its mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or post a job for users to see. You can join colleagues, classmates, and friends and connect […]

How To: SEO for Pinterest

desk with keyboard, whiskey in a short glass next to keyboard. Phone displaying 2:34 on clock and one small leaf in a clear vase

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram normally come to mind when people think of social media marketing, but what about Pinterest? Despite what you might think, Pinterest is pulling in over 250 million users monthly, so it’s certainly a platform worth looking at for marketing your brand. Pinterest has become addictive because users are spending time looking […]

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