What are the Best Marketing Podcasts?
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Keeping current on the latest marketing trends can be difficult in the ever-changing world of marketing and technology. Every day there is an update to Facebook’s features or a new trick added on Instagram. And with algorithms continually being altered … Read More

How to Know If Your Business Should Be on Social Media

If you’re wondering whether you’re business should be on social media, the answer will almost always be yes. Social media has grown into so many different platforms that there is a space for any type of business to promote their … Read More

The Difference Between Following and Connecting on LinkedIn

In this digital age, there’s a daily conversation about getting social media followers up, especially when you’re a professional trying to expand your audience. It’s not uncommon for personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to constantly interacting with others … Read More

What is the difference between Linking to an Instagram Post or to an Instagram Story?

We get this question a lot. While there is a difference between linking an Instagram post versus linking an Instagram story, it is somewhat a trick question. You can link Instagram stories to a website or source, but there is … Read More

How to Respond to Happy Customers on Social Media

It’s not unusual that unhappy customers who leave negative, sabotaging reviews and comments get a lot of love on social media. It’s only natural to want to do damage control to keep that customer and uphold your company’s reputation. But … Read More

Social Media Bootcamp: Understanding Instagram and Pinterest

Social media can be a beast when you first get started as a business. Many individuals have the misconception that their business profile can be just as simple as updating their personal accounts. Sure, they may know how to navigate … Read More

Brands Score Touchdowns With NFL Marketing

Didn’t think football had anything to do with digital marketing? Guess again. It’s probably one of the largest campaigns you’ll see each year. The campaign starts in August with its preseason, and it runs all the way into the new … Read More

How do I Grow My Instagram Followers?

  Have you asked yourself this question staring at your stagnant Instagram follower count? Instagram is colorful, personable, and relays your visual story better than any other platform. It is also home to many of the most powerful influencers on … Read More

Should I Buy Facebook Followers?

Chances are, you are looking at your social media constantly, hoping to see your follower count skyrocket. While many look at their follower count as the golden number, quantity does not trump quality. Social media takes time, hard work, and … Read More

The 4 Social Media Lessons We Can Learn From Billionaire Kylie Jenner

If anyone can vouch for the power of social media marketing it’s Kylie Jenner. Did you know that the Lip Kit Queen makes an estimated $1 million dollars for every sponsored Instagram post she creates? We’d say she’s earned it … Read More

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