The Difference Between Following and Connecting on LinkedIn

In this digital age, there’s a daily conversation about getting social media followers up, especially when you’re a professional trying to expand your audience. It’s not uncommon for personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to constantly interacting with others … Read More

Should I Buy Facebook Followers?

Chances are, you are looking at your social media constantly, hoping to see your follower count skyrocket. While many look at their follower count as the golden number, quantity does not trump quality. Social media takes time, hard work, and … Read More

The 4 Social Media Lessons We Can Learn From Billionaire Kylie Jenner

If anyone can vouch for the power of social media marketing it’s Kylie Jenner. Did you know that the Lip Kit Queen makes an estimated $1 million dollars for every sponsored Instagram post she creates? We’d say she’s earned it … Read More

Keep Your Website Bounce Rate Low And Your Sales High

Your website is the backbone of your brand. It’s the hub of your online marketing infrastructure, and (hopefully) the ultimate destination for your audience, whether they come from direct search, social, or somewhere else. Finding ways to direct people to … Read More

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