What Does it Cost to Send a Press Release?

A message in a bottle, floating out in the open ocean, lost at sea

Are you on the brink of a big breakthrough for your business, or are you ready to launch a new product but don’t know how to announce it from the rooftops? A press release is a great way to get in front of the media and your target audience and gain much-needed credibility. This is […]

How Do Press Releases Support Company Marketing?

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Marketing and public relations are usually discussed as separate industries. Blogs, social media posts, and digital advertisements fall into the marketing bucket. On the PR side is media outreach, including press releases and media pitches. However, the two are far more symbiotic than separate. By following best practices, such as backing your releases with data […]

Do Press Releases Still Work in 2024?

Crowd of people on the street after reading a press release

It’s 2024 and the way people source their news has changed dramatically. It’s natural for businesses to ask: “Do press releases still work?” As digital marketers and brand journalists, we know firsthand how media is constantly evolving. While the way people source their news has changed, research shows us that press releases still drive remarkable […]

How Can My Business Send a Press Release?

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When I first started at KWSM three years ago, one of my first tasks was writing and distributing a press release for a client. This was entirely new to me, and I didn’t really have any idea where to start – that is until I learned the ropes from our PR team, who had been […]

Monty Gets Promoted! | KWSM San Diego’s Newest Copywriter

KWSM San Diego

KWSM San Diego is crushing it! In addition to Savana and Niamh’s recent title changes, Junior Copywriter Monty Montgomery has been promoted to Copywriter.   Monty joined the KWSM team on October 6th, 2021, and he actually started in our Orange County office before moving to sunny San Diego a few months later.   When […]

Two KWSM San Diego Team Members Earn Title Changes

kwsm san diego

At KWSM San Diego, we’re celebrating a couple of recent title changes – Junior Digital Marketing Specialist Niamh Varian has now become a Junior Content Creator and Digital Marketing Specialist Savana Harris is now a Digital Marketing Strategist.   Niamh originally joined our team’s San Diego office in April 2022. This was her first job […]

The Newest Las Vegas Web Designer: Matt Gets Promoted!


We’re excited to announce our newest KWSM Las Vegas Web Designer, Matt Cancilla! Matt was recently promoted from Junior Web Designer after celebrating his first workiversary with the agency. When Matt first joined the KWSM team as a Junior Web Designer in September of  2021, his passion and tenacity to deliver great work was obvious. His […]

Does Instagram Have a Scheduling Tool?

In the coming days, Instagram is rolling out its native post scheduling tool that could help streamline sharing feed posts, Reels, and Stories. Previously, Instagram users could schedule through the Meta Creator Studio. This new update will allow users to schedule mobility directly from the Instagram app. Here’s what you should know about this native […]

Benefits of Having Technical Copywriter for Brand Marketing

Those seeking the best writer to aid their brand marketing strategy might find themselves lost in the terminology about what type of writer they need. It’s incredibly common for people to use the title Technical Writer and Technical Copywriter interchangeably, but they address different needs. What is the Difference Between a Copywriter, Technical Writer, and […]

5 Copywriting Principles That Every Digital Marketing Strategy Should Have

Writers make some of the best digital strategists because they understand the power of intimately getting to know a problem and finding a solution to address that problem. Below are some copywriting principles that companies can borrow when planning their marketing strategy. 5 Copywriting Principles That Every Digital Marketing Strategy Should Have Extensive Research Copywriting […]

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