LinkedIn Updates Its Endorsements

LinkedIn is getting a refresh! The professional networking platform recently announced it would be making changes to Endorsements, a feature that lets your connections give their stamp of approval to your skills and qualifications. Unlike other social networks that are constantly undergoing routine maintenance and introducing new updates and changes, LinkedIn seems to be a […]

Keeping up with the Trends on Social Media

With the ever-changing landscape of social media, it can be hard to keep up. The popularity of particular channels, as well as the way businesses utilize these channels to market their company, is constantly shifting as social media changes over time. You’ve realized the importance of social media, but understanding and staying up to date […]

3 Social Media Mistakes That Hurt a Business

If you own a business, having a social media presence is a must. But there’s a big difference being online and running social media properly. Many businesses will start up pages on multiple platforms and then put all of their faith into their new online existence to bring them profit. However, it takes much more […]

KWSM And The Chocolate Factory

Last Friday, we had our sweetest team outing ever. The KWSM Team spent a couple of hours at the ChocXO chocolate factory in Irvine, California to celebrate Nick and Natalie’s KWSM workiversaries! At KWSM, it’s tradition to celebrate our coworkers’ workiversaries every year with a special team outing. Katie truly values loyalty and a commitment […]

3 Tips To Improve Your Brand’s Pinterest Account

At first glance, Pinterest might look to be nothing more than a visually appealing collection of mouth-watering food, DIY décor ideas, and destination weddings galore. But don’t let that fool you! Behind all those pretty pictures is a network of more than 100 million users, eager to consume content – that’s over 100-million potential customers, […]

3 Reasons to Try Social Media Advertising

Over the years, social media has developed from platforms where people communicated solely with family and friends, to robust platforms where people reach out beyond their closest circles to make new friends, and connect with businesses. What once was added value for businesses, social media is now essential. That’s because so many see a brand’s […]

Do You Know If Your Pins Are Missing Something?

Pinterest is about as visual a social media platform as there can be. Pinners head there to find inspiration, shop around, and to see what is trending. It is important for businesses to have pins that will stand out from the crowd. When you pin you need to ask yourself, “Are my pins “Pinteresting”? It […]

Why Businesses Should Invest In Social Media Bootcamp

Marketing a business online can be tough, which is why it’s totally okay to not know all the answers. If you’re trying to pull yourself up by the bootstraps, but still struggling with your understanding of social media, try investing in a class! A social media bootcamp can help you sharpen your skills and give […]

Facebook’s Sets Aim On Snapchat With Messenger Day Update

Facebook is continuing its quest for video based dominance with its latest Messenger update. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is getting technical with new conversion tracking abilities, and things are getting drafty at the Instagram headquarters.  These are your trending social media stories in the news this week! LinkedIn’s Conversion Tracking Puts Advertisers In the Driver’s Seat Measuring […]

5 Tips For Your Next Facebook Live-Stream

Since its release, Facebook Live has become a well-used tool for businesses – and with good reason! The social network’s live-streaming capability makes it possible for businesses to reach audiences easily, spontaneously, and in a truly authentic way. It allows brands to connect with their followers that can sometimes be difficult to achieve through written […]

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