What are the Best Marketing Podcasts?
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Keeping current on the latest marketing trends can be difficult in the ever-changing world of marketing and technology. Every day there is an update to Facebook’s features or a new trick added on Instagram. And with algorithms continually being altered … Read More

Using Facebook Groups To Strengthen Your Brand And Your Voice

  Chances are, your time on Facebook is spent posting to your page, responding to some comments, and maybe messaging your friends through Messenger. While posting is obviously vital to stay on top of, you’re likely missing out on one … Read More

Story Time | Social Media Help Desk Episode 40

Here’s a story about a social media tool that lets you post live video and photos – for 24 hours only. Sound familiar? Well, when every social media channel available offers the feature to its users, it probably should! This … Read More

Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Every year, more business owners and CEOs learn how social media can help grow a brand’s presence. Social media allows companies to connect with their consumers in a way that offers a more personal connection and a lot more immediacy. … Read More

Social Media Makeover | Social Media Help Desk Episode 35

There’s a new moon on the social media horizon – which channels are looking towards a makeover? This week, the Social Media Help Desk is broadcasting from KWSM Atlanta! Content Editors Adam Greene and Jacy Johnson take the wheel as … Read More

How to Know If Your Business Should Be on Social Media

If you’re wondering whether you’re business should be on social media, the answer will almost always be yes. Social media has grown into so many different platforms that there is a space for any type of business to promote their … Read More

Make Your Social Media Work Smarter, Not Harder

Running social media channels isn’t easy. Sourcing content, posting, checking your analytics… It all gets overwhelming from time to time, especially when you’re in charge of other parts of your business. Typically, social channels are the first piece to fall … Read More

Snapchat’s Copycat | Social Media Help Desk Episode 34

Does Instagram’s newest feature “Nametag” sound familiar to you? Well for Snapchat users, it probably does! KWSM: a digital marketing agency’s President and CEO Katie Wagner is hosting this week’s Social Media Help Desk alongside Content Editors Taylor Glaze and … Read More

Social Media and The Beauty Industry: What Type Of Content To Post

As 2018 wraps up and we all begin preparing for the new year, it is important to analyze your social media strategy. The new year is a great time to tie up loose ends and create a fresh start for … Read More

Put Those Zombie Tactics to Rest on Social Media

One of the toughest parts of running social media is keeping up with how social media evolves. It’s easy to keep track of the new vernacular, the latest memes, and the biggest influencers, but keeping up to date on what … Read More

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