5 Habits to be Successful on Social Media

Business owners know the importance of maintaining a social media presence, but not everyone does it well. Running successful social media takes time and expertise. It is not enough to occasionally publish improvised posts if you are looking to reap the full benefits that social media has to offer. There are certain habits that all […]

4 Things Businesses Should Know About Facebook Live

Facebook is continuing to update its live video features, meaning more video broadcasting and more opportunity for businesses. It’s no secret that live-streaming has become a major social media element today: from Snapchat’s immediate video uploading, to Twitter’s sports streaming, to Facebook Live. If you’re a business, there are four key components of Facebook’s Live […]

Why Your Instagram Caption Matters

Instagram is the visual playground of the social media world. It’s a place for users to illustrate their story through photos and with so many editing tools and filters available today, the Instagram feed has never looked so good. But is image really everything? While we admit a well-crafted photo can do wonders for a […]

Pikachu and You: Is Pokemon Go Impacting Social Media Usage?

Once a status symbol for celebrities, Twitter’s verified badge is about to become a little less exclusive, and Instagram is implementing a very useful element of Facebook, plus we couldn’t talk about the top stories in social media this week without mentioning Pokemon GO! Blue Badges Galore If you’ve ever wanted to join the elite […]

Blog Graphics Made Easy with New Canva App

Canva has always been a favorite tool of content creators. The website launched in 2013 and put easy and accessible designing into the hands of amateurs and professionals alike. Unlike Photoshop and other more complex design programs, Canva has always been built around the need for a user-friendly tool where someone could successfully create graphics […]

You Can Shop In The Best Way With Pinterest's Visual Search

  Copying someone’s outfit just got a whole lot easier. In the coming months, Pinterest’s new visual search feature will easily answer the question of, “Where did you get that?” Pinterest’s visual search feature will allow users to snap a picture of clothing, furniture – you name it, and then the app will search through […]

World Emoji Day Sparks Smiley Faces Everywhere

While you may be consumed with Pokemon Go, there were many hot topics in the social media world. Facebook is bringing you a more intimate news feed, how you use Instagram may reveal your age, and Twitter shares which emojis are most popular on World Emoji Day. These are the social media stories making news […]

Snapchat Secrets You Never Knew Existed

Mastering the Snapchat landscape is no easy task. Between the filters, face swaps, and the ever so popular dog-ears, it can be overwhelming to navigate the territory. While it might be one of the most popular social media platforms to date, it may not be the most user-friendly. Regardless of your Snapchat experience, the chances […]

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