How Lawyers Can Serve Up Their Brand Story This Thanksgiving

On this day of thanksgiving, we often reflect on the elements of our lives that we are grateful for and the ways that we’ve learned and grown in the last year. While it is essential to look at these areas of growth, you should also reflect on the root of your passions, such as hobbies […]

How to Market Your Law Firm This Holiday Season

The holiday bustle seems to take us by surprise every year, even during a global pandemic. If there was ever a time that people needed holiday cheer, it’s this year! No matter the area of law your firm practices, you should be sure to spread messages of joy to your contacts and prospective clients as […]

How Attorneys Can Bring in Leads with Creative Lead Magnets

how attorneys bring leads

When prospective clients research attorneys online, it may take them some time to determine which person to contact. You can re-engage people who have previously interacted with you online with the proper marketing tactics in place, and continue to stay top of mind throughout their decision process. A lead magnet is a gated piece of […]

How to Effectively Manage Reviews for Your Law Firm

We have heard time and time again that referrals are often the best source of leads for law firms. But now that everything has moved online, people are starting to trust comments and reviews as much as they would face-to-face recommendations.  Gathering and managing these reviews can seem overwhelming, but by constantly soliciting reviews and […]

Finding Your Law Firm’s Brand Voice

Each law firm and its lawyers have a different personality and expertise, and before you create messaging for your brand online — through your website, social media, ads, and more — you need to determine what your brand is, and what your tone of voice should sound like.    This decision may seem intimidating, but […]

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