Press Release Case Study: Using PR For A New Product Launch

Press Release Case Study

In the summer of 2022, our client, a US-based plastic sheeting manufacturer, was getting ready to launch a new mold vapor barrier product. They enlisted KWSM’s PR services to help drive awareness about the launch and leverage this innovative product to set them apart from competitors. For over 13 years, KWSM has been successfully writing […]

Team News: Two KWSM Team Members Celebrate Workiversaries

kwsm team celebrations

May 2023 marks the one-year workiversaries for two KWSM team members: our Project Manager Alli Knight, and Web Designer Melanie Graham! These two ladies are prime examples of KWSM’s core values and A-player performance. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Alli and Melanie in the past year. With each project we collaborate on, […]

Team News: KWSM Celebrates the Second Annual Taylor David Day


May 23, 2023, marked the 7th workiversary for KWSM Director of Accounts, Taylor David. In 2020, we declared this day would forever be known as “Taylor David Day,” to celebrate Taylor, her passion, her countless contributions to our team, and her fearless leadership.   Between getting married and transitioning to her new role as Director […]

Why Mobile-First Design Is Important for Your Company’s Website

Did you know that mobile devices account for over half of all internet traffic globally? This has led to a significant shift in how we consume information and interact with websites. In today’s world, people use their smartphones and tablets for almost everything, from checking emails to online shopping. As a result, businesses need to […]

How Can My Business Send a Press Release?

press release

When I first started at KWSM three years ago, one of my first tasks was writing and distributing a press release for a client. This was entirely new to me, and I didn’t really have any idea where to start – that is until I learned the ropes from our PR team, who had been […]

Team News: My Promotion to Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

digital marketing strategist

When I first joined the KWSM team in 2019 as a Content Editor, I was motivated to learn as much as possible about digital marketing and ways to best serve my new clients. However, I was also struggling greatly with imposter syndrome and timidity at work. Now, as a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist almost four […]

Highlights from the First KWSM Summit


In February, KWSM hosted its first ever KWSM Summit, where a few team members from each office location (Atlanta, Las Vegas, Orange County, and San Diego) met together to vision cast what the future looks like for our agency and discuss the exciting changes and industry challenges to come.    What Is the Purpose of […]

QuintEssential Senior Web Designer Celebrates 5 Years at KWSM

Our Senior Web Designer, Angie Smith, just celebrated her 5-Year Workiversary at KWSM!   Angie started with our team as a Website Designer and was promoted to Senior Website Designer two years ago. During her time on the team, she has taken two maternity leaves to welcome her beautiful daughters and we love to see […]

How to Build a Better Brand Using Twitter

Now, more than ever, it’s a good time to get focused on using Twitter to grow your brand, your business, or your blog. Growing your brand is not simply a matter of tweeting out great content, it is equally important that people are seeing your great content. Use these guidelines and soon your brand will […]

Need Clients? Work Your Social Media.

If you think of your website as the credibility piece in your marketing plan, you can think of your social media presence as your authenticity piece. In today’s world, people demand to know more about the things they purchase, and especially the people they purchase them from. Why? Because they can. Now that a social media presence is becoming standard equipment for businesses, consumers can build a deeper connection with the brands they interact with. Today’s ‘marketing’ consists of daily conversation with customers on social channels. Those customers want to see the faces and hear the voices of the people behind your company. They want to read things you’ve written. They want to read things other people have said about you.

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