The Best Metrics to Track in Google Analytics


If you have Google Analytics set up for your business website (which you should), you know the vast amount of information the platform provides. You can see anything and everything that happens on your website, but without proper direction and understanding of the data, it can be easy to get lost down a rabbit hole. […]

How To Get Creative With Your Audience Targeting


Whether you’re a novice or an experienced marketer, conducting advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn can be confusing. These social media platforms are making constant updates to their advertising capabilities, and the options can become overwhelming very quickly. When it comes to audience targeting, making sure you hit the right audience the first […]

3 Ways To Keep Your Content Interesting


When you’re planning your business’s social media content for months or years, it can sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut – always making the same types of posts and running in circles with repetitive content. How do you pull your social media content out of this cycle, to create new content that […]

Social Media: The Cornerstone of Any Digital Marketing Strategy

When you think of “digital marketing,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? You may have thought of the most recent TV commercial you saw, but likely your answer encompassed social media.    With each month that passes, social media becomes more prevalent and more essential for any business to utilize. Besides the fact […]

How to Build a Marketing Strategy That’s Scalable


As a small business or start-up, growth is a future goal that can seem far away. You are likely focused on creating stable company processes and combating the unexpected challenges life throws your way. Even if growing your business isn’t at the forefront of your plans, you likely still have some idea of how you […]

LinkedIn’s New “Stories” Feature

First came the Snapchat Stories, and then shortly after came the Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. Now, we have LinkedIn Stories.  This marks just one of several new LinkedIn features. LinkedIn Stories went live as a feature in the continued hopes to make the platform more user-friendly and allow the work-from-home world to feel slightly […]

4 Ways to Establish Thought Leadership on Social Media


You may have heard the term “thought leadership” tossed around in marketing, but do you know what it means? This buzzword has taken over the professional space on social media, and many use it without truly understanding it. Becoming a thought leader encompasses much more than just expressing your professional opinion online – it means […]

Orange County Video Studio Day: Escalate Your Marketing Efforts

At KWSM, we’re all about finding creative, effective ways to tell your story. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know how incredibly impactful video can be when it comes to marketing your business. Video allows you to put a face to your brand, increase audience engagement, and create a deeper connection than simple […]

3 Design Tips for Increasing Landing Page Conversions

Landing pages can help you accomplish a variety of goals, from capturing leads to warming up potential customers and priming them for other marketing efforts further down the sales funnel. Regardless of its specific goal or call to action (CTAs), however, every landing page should do one thing extremely well: convince visitors to take one […]

Why People Leave Your Website Without Converting


You’ve laid out the plan – you have a solid advertising strategy, consistently interesting social media content, and a loyal list of email followers – but when you send them to your landing page, you can’t seem to get them to convert. What are you doing wrong? While there’s no secret formula to a perfect […]

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