4 Alternatives to Facebook Ads 

Facebook has and always will be one of the social media giants. It collects a variety of data, allows friends & family to share posts, gives brands a space to run promotional pages, and of course, allows advertisers to reach their target audience in a highly targeted way. However, if you feel that now is […]

How Much Text Can be Included in a Facebook Ad?

How Much Text Can be Included in a Facebook Ad?

If you’ve been running ads on social media for a while now, you’re probably familiar with Facebook’s unique “less than 20% text” rule. This has been a slight hiccup for many marketing campaigns, adding yet another requirement that must be met before ads can be published. Recently, Facebook decided to abandon this rule, making it […]

How to Create a Successful Ad Campaign for Your Las Vegas Business

As a Las Vegas business owner, you’re constantly looking for new ways to reach your local customers. Whether you focus on products or services, social media marketing can help deliver your message in a captivating way. Here are tips that can help you craft the perfect ad and make your campaigns more effective. Tell a […]

In the News: Google, Facebook, and YouTube Share New Ad Updates

As a business owner, you are always trying to find ways to raise brand awareness and encourage your audience to buy from you. Now, Google, Facebook, and YouTube are making changes to their ads platforms to help. Google Creates a New Way to Track Video Ad Conversions Although users may not physically click on an […]

How To Decide What Digital Platforms You Should Advertise On


As a small business, you may ask yourself, “Everyone seems to be advertising on Facebook, should I be doing it too?” In today’s day and age, many companies who are new to digital advertising see Facebook as the “default” social platform for ads. It’s true, Facebook is a powerhouse and has the potential to deliver […]

4 Mistakes That May Be Draining Your Facebook Ad Budget

If you’re running digital ads for your company, it is likely that you use Facebook and Instagram to do so. There are major opportunities for brand reach and conversion through these ad platforms, but if you do not have experience with proper ad development, you may be wasting valuable dollars on advertising that is not […]

4 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes

4 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes

Running effective Facebook ads can be a successful way for your business to reach your biggest marketing goals, including sales, lead generation, and brand awareness. The platform allows you to run a variety of ads on both Facebook and Instagram and reach your most active customers. However, some businesses make mistakes that can ruin an […]

Facebook Ads: Why Are They Important?

facebook ads

We see them all the time as we scroll through our newsfeed on Facebook, but have you ever wondered how Facebook ads really work? They can be intimidating for many businesses, but there are several reasons why they can help your business – whether it’s a product or a service.   You Can Reach Your […]

Facebook Ads Are Changing

If you’re a business owner with a service or product to sell, you’ve likely adopted a Facebook Ads strategy as part of your digital marketing efforts (if not, we can help change that!) You may be running and managing the ads yourself, or perhaps you’ve outsourced the task to a digital marketer or agency. Either […]

3 Custom Ad Audiences You Can Use to Shake Up your Facebook Ad Results

Stuck in a Facebook rut? If you’ve stuck to traditional interest-based targeting for your Facebook ads, it might feel like you’re running out of ideas or new people to target with your ads. If the audience you’ve been using hasn’t been converting the way that is was, or the way you had hoped, it might […]

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