Case Study: How Digital Marketing Helps Push A Great Mission Forward

Medal of Honor

At KWSM, we are lucky to help tell the stories of some amazing companies. We recently partnered with one of the nation’s most important nonprofit organizations, The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, to raise awareness of their mission to perpetuate the legacy of Medal of Honor recipients.   Here’s a look at how we developed […]

KWSM Leadership Program: A Challenge of Perspective

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I was recently a participant in the KWSM Leadership Program, a comprehensive 12-week training led by KWSM President Katie Wagner. Before this program, I thought being a leader meant being in the forefront, having more power, and leading from the front. However, my idea of leadership has completely changed. Being a leader is about being […]

How To Use LinkedIn Events To Promote Your Next Event

How To Use LinkedIn Events To Promote Your Next Event

You may already be familiar with Facebook Events, but have you tried LinkedIn Events? This feature allows you to promote any upcoming webinar, workshop, product launch, or your next in-person event. Here’s what you need to know to start leveraging this tactic.   LinkedIn Events What exactly are LinkedIn Events? Much like Facebook, this social […]

How To Host A Successful Webinar

host successful webinar

Webinars have been around for years now and have gone through a surge in popularity over the last couple months due to shelter-in-place. These virtual meetings and forums allow you to create an alternate experience with your team and potential clients that are accessible simply with an internet connection. Anyone can launch a webinar. But […]

Emerging 2020 Trend: The Rise of B2Me Marketing

Emerging 2020 Trend: The Rise of B2Me Marketing

For some time now, businesses have focused mainly on creating campaigns aimed towards B2B or B2C, but a different sector is emerging in 2020 called B2Me. Consumers are constantly being faced with cluttered feeds of ads and pushy campaigns that don’t specifically speak to their needs. Here’s how you can use B2Me marketing to create […]

How To Find Value in LinkedIn During COVID-19

LinkedIn has seen a lot of activity with users sharing their thoughts on COVID-19, its impact on their personal and professional life, and offering support to others. While these times are different for all of us, here are a few ways for you to stay connected to your professional network. Share Educational Content One of […]

3 Ways to Boost Audience Engagement with Live Video

how to use facebook live to build community

The power of an online community can truly push your company forward and expand your brand awareness even further. That’s why businesses make audience engagement an integral part of growing their brand — consumer support bolsters credibility. One way to spark engagement among your audience is live video. A recent study showed 80% of social […]

Best Practices for Longer Watch Time on Youtube Ads

Many companies have found YouTube ads to be an advantageous route for promoting their business. In the grand scheme of things, it’s quite the strategic move. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, which means it receives billions of viewers each month. But how can you get the most out of such a […]

Effective Marketing Alternatives for Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the widespread coronavirus outbreak sweeping the globe, the impact of this pandemic is not only affecting the health of billions of people but also the viability of many businesses. As the push for social distancing increases, we’ve seen the cancellation of trade shows, networking events, and other business events where large groups would typically […]

How To Craft A Landing Page That Converts

landing pages that convert

This year, KWSM launched its very own internal mentorship program where team members have the opportunity to mentor or be a mentee for a particular area of digital marketing. For this inaugural go round, I chose to be a student of web development, with a focus on creating a high-converting landing page. I have a […]

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