What are the Best Marketing Podcasts?
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Keeping current on the latest marketing trends can be difficult in the ever-changing world of marketing and technology. Every day there is an update to Facebook’s features or a new trick added on Instagram. And with algorithms continually being altered … Read More

Why KWSM’s Culture is So Sweet: The Sugar Bowl

As part of our culture at KWSM: a digital marketing agency, celebrating our team members is just as important as celebrating our clients, and our work. The best way to honor our team is to have monthly celebrations for birthdays … Read More

Facebook’s Latest Change is Music to Your Ears

Facebook is turning things up to 11 for both its Stories and Newsfeed by adding music.   Meanwhile, Twitter wants to take conversations even more real-time with the introduction of icebreakers.   And Snapchat continues to feel the pressure from other platforms, … Read More

How to Respond to Happy Customers on Social Media

It’s not unusual that unhappy customers who leave negative, sabotaging reviews and comments get a lot of love on social media. It’s only natural to want to do damage control to keep that customer and uphold your company’s reputation. But … Read More

Social Media Bootcamp: Understanding Instagram and Pinterest

Social media can be a beast when you first get started as a business. Many individuals have the misconception that their business profile can be just as simple as updating their personal accounts. Sure, they may know how to navigate … Read More

Keep Your Website Bounce Rate Low And Your Sales High

Your website is the backbone of your brand. It’s the hub of your online marketing infrastructure, and (hopefully) the ultimate destination for your audience, whether they come from direct search, social, or somewhere else. Finding ways to direct people to … Read More

Attack of the Twitter Purge | Social Media Help Desk Episode 24

The Twitter Purge has hit – how are your accounts dealing with the aftermath? This week, KWSM President Katie Wagner leads our Facebook LIVE discussion, Social Media Help Desk, with guests Stephen Wagner and Daniel Thaete, as they discuss the … Read More

3 Major Moves Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Might be Missing

The social media world does not revolve around marketing. But you don’t have to take our word for it; there’s a theory behind this madness. Many brands establish their social channels around creating content and promoting products or services. And … Read More

Easy Tips To Make Sure Your Blog Is Increasing Your SEO

When it comes to brands deciding how to present themselves to an audience, far too many spend the majority of their time worrying about social platforms as their bread and butter. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter may make up … Read More

The Difference Between a Facebook Story and a Facebook Post

Brands have been telling their stories on Facebook for years. Educational content, meet the team posts and behind the scenes footage have helped companies share the essence of their brand with the world. So when we heard that Facebook literally … Read More

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