How to Collect Leads Through Social Media

A man winning a giveaway that he entered as a result of B2B Lead Generation Marketing

New business is something all companies look for in their marketing efforts. While social media can be a key tool for branding and connecting with your audience, it can also be used as a lead generation method. Here’s how to collect leads through social media. Establish Your Brand Voice Your brand voice reflects your company’s […]

Keep Your Website Bounce Rate Low And Your Sales High

It's important to keep your website bounce rate high

Your website is the backbone of your brand. It’s the hub of your online marketing infrastructure, and (hopefully) the ultimate destination for your audience, whether they come from direct search, social, or somewhere else. Finding ways to direct people to your site is important, but what happens when they get there and have a terrible […]

Attack of the Twitter Purge | Social Media Help Desk Episode 24

The Twitter Purge has hit – how are your accounts dealing with the aftermath? This week, KWSM President Katie Wagner leads our Facebook LIVE discussion, Social Media Help Desk, with guests Stephen Wagner and Daniel Thaete, as they discuss the Twitter Purge, whether Instagram is right for your business, and attempt to answer the question […]

3 Major Moves Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Might be Missing

The social media world does not revolve around marketing. But you don’t have to take our word for it; there’s a theory behind this madness. Many brands establish their social channels around creating content and promoting products or services. And while this is essential, it should not be your main focus when placing your business […]

How to Create a More Personal Connection With Your Audience Through Emails

How to Create a More Personal Connection With Your Audience Through Emails

It may be deemed as old-school by some, but email is actually a personal and effective platform to reach your audience. When you send out an email, it is addressed to the recipient, and if they choose to open it they only see your content on the page. It’s just you and them—a golden opportunity […]

Creating A Five Star Customer Service Experience

online customer service

Your customers are an integral part of your business. Without them, your company wouldn’t thrive or even exist. When you’re providing customer service, maintain this mindset in order to assist yourself in delivering a helpful experience. Here are three ways to ensure that your customer service gets a five-star rating:   Responsiveness   Where there’s […]

How to Use Shoppable Product Links in Instagram Posts

If you work for a brand and or own a business account on Instagram, I bet you’ve said the following words at some point: “It’s almost impossible to show ROI on an Instagram post because clickable links have never been allowed in my post’s captions.” Well, Instagram is giving you a workaround! Clickable links are […]

Don’t Let Inspiration Become Imitation When Crafting Your Ads

  Everyone knows that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” right? There is a ring of truth to that, and keeping an eye on what competitors are doing is essential to keeping ahead of the curve, but in social media, imitation is often going to lead to stumbling.   The speed at which social […]

LinkedIn Providing More Information to Job Seekers; Will it grow channel?

Photo Credit: Instagram / blakescott_

LinkedIn is hoping that a bolstered job board will bring more users, and more importantly more frequent users to the platform. It’s one of the trending stories in social media this week. LinkedIn Introduces Salary Insights LinkedIn is bolstering its job platform by overhauling its LinkedIn Salary tool and introducing Salary Insights. The new feature […]

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